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TTC at 40, had 2 consecutive early miscarriages, feeling crap and confused and bioligical clock ticking

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Rosepip Mon 22-Aug-11 14:45:10

Hello ladies

We have just returned from a 3 week holiday in France where I experienced my 2nd early miscarriage at 4 weeks. The 1st one happened mid July, again at 4 weeks and then again this time, mid August. Both happened before I did a HPT but having already been pregnant twice with no problems, albeit, 10 years and 7 years ago, I had all the symptoms and just knew I was pregnant. At 40 (almost 41), I have regular periods and know when I ovulate, but at my age, we felt lucky to fall pregnant straight away but, for some reason, on both occasions, it didn't stick. Am baffled, we are both healthy and have been taking mum to be and dad to be pre-natal vitamins and basically doing everything by the book. I can only think that it's something to do with my age and that I fall into those horrible statistics of being an older mum. Part of me feels we should wait a cycle before trying again but time really isn't on my side and if we are to try this month, then this is the week! Aarrrgghhhhhh, has anyone of a similar age had a similar experience and then had a successful pregnancy? Big thanks for any advice smile

boohoohoo Mon 22-Aug-11 15:05:29

Hi rosepip, sorry for your mc. When I read your op, I thought it was me writing it a couple of months ago. I am 40 (41 on Thursday sad) have had two mcs over the past year at an early stage. Tbh thought that was it, too old etc. Just found out am pregnant again, so very early days but am feeling very sick at the moment so am taking that as a good thing.

I just presumed that the last two pregnancies didn't implant because I'm slightly old, if you know what I mean, so, keep trying.

randomimposter Tue 23-Aug-11 08:52:19

Hi Rosepip

Sadly really early mc/chemical pregnancies like you describe are extremely common and happen to women of all ages. Yes, the MC rate increases as you get older but it may be totally unrelated. As early as you describe, many women would just assume it was a late period.

If emotionally you are able to keep trying, then no reason not to "jump back on it" as it were grin. Sometimes the advice with a MC of a more developed pregnancy is to wait for a cycle or 2 to allow the body to recover and the womb lining to rebuild, but in your case that's not really relevant.

There are lots of women who have succesful pregnancies in their 40s, also sadly some women who are unable to for many many different reasons. FWIW I had DS in 2008 when I was 40, I have had 3 missed miscarriages (all around 12 weeks) and 1 chemical pregnancy at nearly 5 weeks since. I'm going to try for another year and then call it a day.

There's a very supportive 40+ TTC thread.

Good luck.

randomimposter Tue 23-Aug-11 08:53:46

PS meant to say good luck to boohoohoo - we have a mantra on the TTC after MC threads to deal with the difficult early weeks - "for today, I am pregnant". Enjoy it.

Rosepip Tue 23-Aug-11 13:18:49

Thank you ladies for your advice, I just keep thinking, that's it, my eggs are too old and it just isn't going to happen. I fell pregnant with my DD and DS on first attempt and have done so again in July and August, just this time, for some unknown, baffling and frustrating reason, its not hanging around sad

Congratualtions Boohoohoo, your story gives me hope (I'm 41 in October, crap isn't it?! - happy birthday for Thursday though smile ). Well, there are ladies out there in much worse situations than me, so onwards and upwards and we'll just keep on trying grin.

Rosepip Tue 23-Aug-11 13:20:30

jollster, sorry meant to say good luck to you too smile let's hope there's a happy ending for us 40+ mums xx

eurochick Tue 23-Aug-11 14:29:39

I have read somewhere on here that it is recommended to leave a complete cycle after an MC to let your lining properly ready itself for implantation. I'm not a doctor though, I'm just repeating what someone else said but I guess it makes sense. Even a a week or so of pregnancy hormones whizzing around your body will probably require a bit of time for your body to deal with.

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