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Its decided! Ttc#4 :D time limit of 3 months to fall pregnant though! Need advice on ovulation sticks.

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Mrsgilbertgrape Mon 22-Aug-11 11:43:21

Due to dh working away for a while I would ideally love it to happen before he left, usually af is 4 weeks (thurs) but last month it never came till Monday (2 weeks ago today)

Wondering if there is still a chance I would have ovulated late last week or if it's more likely to happen today? Tempted to go and buy a test to see if I am still ovulating? Have fallen pregnant easily in the past so never had to use them before, over how many days would they give you a positive result?

Done the deed wed,sat,sun and planning on doing it over the next few days so fingers crossed.

ducksinarow Mon 22-Aug-11 17:05:48

I would not bother with the sticks they are so unreliable anyway! Just keep doing what you are doing. I hope it happens soon for you.

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