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AF? or something else?

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DuchessofHaphazard Sun 21-Aug-11 23:37:12

This post may have way TMI...

DP and I have just decided to TTC, and I had my implant removed on 15 July. Had a period about a week after (although this may have been a withdrawal bleed).

Haven't really been charting or anything (just having a vague look at my CM), and we had sex around the time I think I was ovulating (about 6/7 August).

On Friday I started getting brown streaks, so assumed AF was making her arrival, although no other symptoms (usually get v heavy cramps, massively PMSy). Saturday had pinkish / clear discharge, with brown streaks, but not enough to be a proper period or fill a pad, IYSWIM. Have had very occasional light cramps, lasting a few minutes, and today have had a few streaks of brown and pink mucous, but nothing else.

Am on holiday with family at the moment, and without DP, and am reliant on my mum to drive me anywhere, so can't pick up a test without her knowing (and for various reasons I don't want her to know). So is this AF? I've read a bit about implantation bleeding - could it be this? Or are periods just odd after having Implanon out?

Can't test until I get back to the UK on Wednesday, but am dying to work out what's going on - so I figured I'd ask some random strangers on the internet smile

MeconiumHappens Sun 21-Aug-11 23:53:43

Annoyingly, it could be either. Often takes a little while for hormones to settle, but equally could be a scanty af or a implantation type thing. Time will tell, wait til you get home and poas then. A few days wont make any difference. Good luck

DuchessofHaphazard Mon 22-Aug-11 00:10:42

Gah. And there was me hoping someone would come along and tell me it was definitely an implantation bleed smile Not really, am just impatient and want to know.

So by the time I get back to the UK, if it's going to be a BFP, it should be, right? i.e. if it's negative, it's not going to be because I've tested too early?

Didn't have any of this with DS - he was an accident after I lost my pills in a hurricane (and then forgot I lost my pills due to hurricane clear-up).

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