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Am I or not?

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boohoohoo Sun 21-Aug-11 17:23:05

Ok, so am nearly a week late (always regular periods), so done a test on Wednesday, positive although slightly faint, but definativly positive didnt believe it so did another a few hours later, still positive. Had a few more tests at home so re tested today, very very very faint positive, almost hardly there, argghhh.

I'm 40, and these were those cheap Internet tests, any ideas?

Clandy Sun 21-Aug-11 17:53:06

Hiya. I'm fairly certain you can't get false positive as needs the hormone only produced when pregnant. Only reliable when you check within the time limit not after 10 mins or can be evaporation lines. Would recommend poss a better test so you know for sure tho smile

KinkyDorito Sun 21-Aug-11 18:15:49

If your period is that late, combined with positives, then I would say so! If in doubt, do what Clandy says and buy a better test. I like Boots own brand. Or, doctors and blood test. Hope it's good news!

LIG1979 Sun 21-Aug-11 18:34:23

Hey boohoo,
Had a similar issue as the cheapy ones seemed to vary in intensity but were all so faint I thought I could be wishing a positive .So went for a clearblue digital as this gave me a definite yes or no. Even though the digital one was less sensitive than the cheapy ones it still gave a 1-2 weeks pregnant on the display. It could mean you haven't got enough hormone yet to get a pregnant but at least it is less ambiguous than the cheapy sticks. Good luck!

boohoohoo Sun 21-Aug-11 18:46:36

Thanks for your replies, Mmm just looking on google and wonder if I might be having a chemical pregnancy, have had two mcs on the trot and can't seem to get to six weeks sad. Oh god, really thought third time lucky especially as time is not on my side.

LIG1979 Sun 21-Aug-11 21:06:40

Google is evil - I have had an mc too and I spent my afternoon looking up chemical pregnancies too. Not healthy! Last time I was so pleasantly naïve looking up potential due dates, planning my maternity leave etc. etc.

boohoohoo Sun 21-Aug-11 21:20:20

Oh lig, I know, when I done the test in the week I can't get excited, I feel I'm just waiting for the inevitable. My Sis said to me after thelast miscarriage that it's so awful as from the moment you have that positive test you plan a whole life, and that's what I had done. So I'm here talking myself into it being over, as I can't stand the hurt again.

Lig I hope you had a happy ending.

LIG1979 Mon 22-Aug-11 09:56:40

Hope it goes well for you too.

I think it is natural to prepare for the worst as it saves you from being hurt. I am trying to not think about it too much and not to plan for a baby but it is so difficult.

Got another very faint positive this morning. However, ripped open the clear blue digital from Sunday and one of the strips was definitely a strong positive. (I assume the other one is used to detect when you get further along.) Did another digital one today and still 1-2 weeks which is about right but I am unsure why the cheapy ones are so pale.

Good luck! x

boohoohoo Mon 22-Aug-11 12:59:54

Lig, brought a clear blue digital this morning and it says 1-2 weeks, felt so sick last night couldn't even eat my dinner (not like me) and still feel sick as anything this morning. Am feeling much more positive this morning as had no symptoms with the mcs.

Won't get carried away yet but maybe next April for you and me, fingers and everything else crossed x

Keep in touch x

LIG1979 Mon 22-Aug-11 13:23:29

Yay! Good news! Also, been feeling queasy and dizzy which I didn't get last time - it is like I am sick with hunger but then if I eat I feel I have eaten too much and then feel sick grin. Good luck for the next few weeks - fingers crossed we both have good news in 8 months time! x

LIG1979 Thu 25-Aug-11 08:42:16

Hello Boohoo,
Are you still looking at this thread?

I hope you are feeling better. For me it is definitely a BFN today and I'm bleeding a bit so it is definitely over for me too. From all the obsessive googling I did - it definitely seems that most of the time a faint positive that doesn't get darker is not a good sign. (Although I did hear a few good stories.)

After loosing it emotionally last night when I first saw the blood - I seem to be doing ok now. This trying for a baby malarky is so of glad to have a few days of bleeding before I think about trying again.

I hope to see you on the pregnancy (and maybe even the childbirth section) sometime soon x

boohoohoo Thu 25-Aug-11 10:43:47

Oh Lig, so sorry, it's so bloody unfair. Was hoping to hear good news from you. Look after yourself today. Saw the doctor yesterday, which was a waste of time, said as I had had a child before showed that everything worked and apart from a few blood tests wasn't a lot that could be done. As I'm older just probably duff eggs!

Am very down at the moment but will as you say 'jump back on the horse, dh' this month.

We will get there you know!

But at the moment you need to look after yourself and let it all out.

Let's keep in contact and 'gee' each other along with positive vibes next month. X

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