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2wwmadness Sat 20-Aug-11 15:16:09

Has anyone ever had a bfp 8 days before AF is due?
I have had nausea, cramping and tender (ish) boobs for a week now. We have been ttc for a year. I am so bloated I cannot do my skirt up and have been for 4 days. I have also gone off fags and coffee (most unusual!)
I am not due AF for 8 days, but am concerned that if I'm not pregnant, then something really needs to be done about my tummy and sickness. Oh I am also exhausted (fell asleep on the floor yesterday!) so if I am, I'm a week pregnant. (we did time ovulation) is it to early to get these symptoms? I got a big fat negative this morning but first response said it will show a result at 6 days pre AF. The pharmacy won't give me anything for the sickness and bloating. But I feel sooooo rough! Can someone come and hold my hand. I don't wanna be in work!!!

KinkyDorito Sat 20-Aug-11 15:21:12

Sorry you feel so shite, but it does sound promising. It is a bit early to get a BFP, but I symptoms have always started earlier than a BFP for me in the past. I'm on 2ww too and it';s crap! Best of luck; the week will pass and then we will know!

KinkyDorito Sat 20-Aug-11 15:22:04

Am typing in sunlight, hence typos. Apologies!

2wwmadness Sat 20-Aug-11 15:29:39

Owwww thank you kinky! I'm new to all this and it's so frustrating! Keep me posted. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I just feel different. It's hard to describe

MeconiumHappens Sat 20-Aug-11 17:17:32

Its really waaay too early to be testing. Even if you do you won't be able to rely on the result so won't be a great deal better off. If I were you I would just try and ease your symptoms (peppermint tea/ginger etc) and wait til af due date to test. And also, despite the tests saying you can test 5,6 days before af, often only small numbers of people will get accurate results from this. Good luck.

MeconiumHappens Sat 20-Aug-11 17:19:28

ps, you need to stop the fags. You dont want all those chemicals floating about in your baby's precious first few weeks of developing. Maybe focus on that for now, it will prob make you feel better all round, and reduces your chance of miscarriage.

themightyskim Sat 20-Aug-11 17:57:43

If it helps Ive literally yesterday found out that I was pregnant, a week after my period was due, from probably about three or four days after conception must have occured I had a nasty stabbing pain for a day or two, then as the month has progressed I have been hidiously hormonal, ive just burst a button off my pants im so bloated (and slightly ashamed ha ha ) im windy, crampy, my boobs are 20 x the normal size but without much tenderness and my sense of smell is incredible (most unlucky being as I work in A&E) as well as my taste being funny. I took a test a week before I was due on and the day after I was due both with negatives so I waited for my monthlies, it was only when I couldnt stop weeing that I really thought about it and took another - hope that helps x

2wwmadness Sat 20-Aug-11 19:12:01

Thank you, I havnt had a cig for days. As I'm conscious of harming my (possible) pregnancy. I'm releived that others have has similar symptoms early as I thought I was going mad. My sense of smell is heightened (but that may be sue to no smoking) I guess I'm just gunna have to be patient.which isn't my strong point. Fingers crossed for me ladies. Our (fictional) baby is so loved all ready! I'll keep you updated. I would love to hear your results to!
And congratulations! Wishing you a healthy and fantastic new addition to your family x

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