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Pg test was positive, then negative, then positive again, then - yes- negative. Anyone know what might be going on?

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Catsycat Thu 18-Aug-11 15:26:49

Hope someone can shed some light on this before my head explodes, and sorry that it is a rather complicated scenario!

I am 38 and have 2 DDs already (by EMCS), then had a mc at the end of June. I had an ERPC to stop the bleeding from the mc. After 10 days I had a BFN, after 22 days I got AF back.

We started ttc again after the first AF, and I also started charting as I wanted to see if I was ovulating. Although I used to have a 28 day cycle pre-DC, after DD2 my cycle had reduced to a regular 23 day one. I was occasionally a day late, but no more, generally throughout my life I have never been more than one or two days late.

We started SWI from about day 8, but after a few days I did not appear to be ovulating (was expecting it to happen mid-cycle). I became concerned that I had a luteal phase defect, and spoke to my GP who told me to get day 3 blood tests next cycle. My DH decided we should stop SWI until the tests were done. In the end my temperature was noticeably dipped on day 14 and 15, so I assume I ov'd then. EWCM seems to back this up. The last time we SWI'd was on day 11.

In the week following ov, I had sore boobs, needed the loo all the time, and was slightly queasy in the morning. I had given up on being pg that cycle, but did a test anyway due to the symptoms. I got a - at first, but on day 22 got a faint positive. I did a second test of a different make, and it was also +. My DH could also see these were + tests, and we did read the tests within the correct time window. The lines were coloured pink too, so seems unlikely they were evap lines.

The next day I tested again and it was -. I was starting to freak out, so have tested every day since and got -. On Monday, and ever since then, my temperature has been lower again - presumably it would have stayed raised if I was pg. On Monday night (day 25) I felt a sharp pain in my uterus (or round that area) and went to the loo, and there was some very light pink blood on wiping. I thought AF was starting, and that I had a chemical pregnancy. But after that, I've had nothing but one or two tiny amounts of brown spotting. It is now day 28 of my 23 day cycle, and I did another test this morning, which was a really faint +.

Obviously, at this point I was totally freaking out, so went to the GP. I had to see a different GP to normal, as my regular GP is on holiday. She did another test (not with FMU though), and of course it was - again!! I mentioned chemical pregnancy. She didn't say yes or no specifically, but just said she thought I was probably about to have my "normal" period. I asked how I could explain the + tests, and she said it must have been a faulty batch. But they were all different makes of test!!!! I asked what to do if AF does not start, and she said leave it two weeks and see what happens.

I am still completely freaking out! I am desperate to have a third and final DC. I'm 38, and worried that time is running out. I am really worried that there is something wrong with me, or that I will have another mc if this does turn out to be a "real" pg. I also have sleep apnoea, so not sure if this would mess with my temp charting! When I was scanned with my mc, I had a small cyst on one ovary, so don't know if this could affect hcg readings or not. I am also concerned about scarring from the CSs - I know I had a lot of adhesions from the first CS which had stuck my bladder and uterus together, and am worried in case there is a problem with scarring inside my uterus too. The possibilities seem endless and none of them very good!!!!

Has anyone had anything similar happen with their pg tests (good outcome or bad)?

Thanks for reading - I know it was a bit long!!!

mopser Thu 18-Aug-11 16:53:12

Could the light pink and brown spotting be an implantation bleed? I had one which sounded similar, the cramps I had as well I don't think anything is normal in pregnancy, also have had miscarriages but now 3 healthy DD. Good luck!!

x2boys Thu 18-Aug-11 17:09:06

i had something similar when trying to conceive my second childafter about six monthsof ttc i hada faintly positive test then negative then i started bleeding lightly it was not the outcome i hoped for six months later though i got pregnant with my now 15 mo ds2

Catsycat Thu 18-Aug-11 17:10:39

Thanks for replying, both of you. I guess I'll have to wait and see...

droves Thu 18-Aug-11 17:30:07

some tests look + before going - . Probably not what you wanted to see. sad

Or it could be that you only show up the hormones early morning , because your really early on ?

I hope you get your 3rd baby soon x

Catsycat Thu 18-Aug-11 19:30:37

Thanks for your message droves. The tests did stay +, rather than going -, so I don't think it was that, but I'll certainly look out for that in future. I wondered if it was an FMU thing - hope you're right!

Catsycat Fri 19-Aug-11 11:05:45

Two more faint positives this morning. Temp has gone back up to definite post-ov levels, so looking at my chart, the only definite dip was on Monday when I had the spotting. Just had more spotting now though, so maybe AF is on the way. Am on CD 29 (usually only get to 23), so this is the longest cycle I've had in about 5 years....

droves Fri 19-Aug-11 11:21:47

Mabey the spotting is implatation bleed ?



NervousNelly Fri 19-Aug-11 13:15:38

You said the tests were different makes, which I suspect is the issue. They will all have different levels of sensitivity.

Good luck, I hope they stay positive smile

iggii Fri 19-Aug-11 17:25:37

One thing, if this does NOT turn out to be a successful pg (and fingers crossed for you) don't let your gp write it off as a period - you deserve better support than that, and also the prospect of rmc testing in the future.

Catsycat Fri 19-Aug-11 19:49:19

Thanks for your replies everyone. The spotting has stopped again, and was minimal. Am obviously hoping for it to be implantation, but it's hard to be hopeful when the disappointment was so crushing and awful last time.

My usual GP is back at the end of next week, so I'll go and see him on his return (probably whatever happens, really).

droves Sat 20-Aug-11 15:08:18

smile . Catsycat thats great news ! Things are looking hopeful , i hope the gp visit next week gives you the result your after .

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