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Tell me about achy boobs please!

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Grumpygils Tue 16-Aug-11 19:39:26


I'm new to this board. I am still breastfeeding and haven't had a period since my youngest was born, and she's now 20 months shock. I'm not charting at the moment, but have done in the past when ttc, so am pretty familiar with my own body and monitoring CM. I've been getting cycles of increased discharge for a few months and things are certainly moister where for a v long time it was all quite dry blush (sorry tmi!). After previous babies my periods have retrned sooner, so it's a bit of a surprise still having none after this long. We are thinking about another baby and so when EWCM appeared a few days ago, we decided to take advantage just in case. It peaked on Sunday. As I'm not taking my temp, I don't know whether I've actually ovulated or not. DH says I've been hormonal and grumpy for a week to 10 days now, though I told him it's just the summer holidays wink.

Anyway, finally getting to the point grin, especially today and a bit yesterday I have amazingly painful and tender nipples and achy boobs. Would this fit with ovulation?

It's so long since I've had regular cycles because of several pregnancies and breastfeeding for years that I can't remember the normal ups and downs of achy boobs. I know they get like that immediately before I'm due, but can't remember anything around ovulation.

Any insight?

1sttimetryer Tue 16-Aug-11 20:19:40

Have no idea about the periods after babies and breastfeeding etc, but 2 weeks ago i ovulated and my boobs were so sore i ended up going to the doctors in tears! i have been taking my temperature but didnt realise til 3 days later that i had ovulated, the doctor just told me its all down the hormones! so yes you can get sore boobs during ovulation! good luck ttc smile

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