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Clearblue tests

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lauraloo09 Mon 15-Aug-11 09:30:05

Morning ladies looking for some advice.

I have been ttc#2 for just a couple of months, but this has been hard since I haven't had a period since March. However I took a cheap ebay test on Saturday afternoon and a faint line appeared, I did another one soon after it and again a faint line appeared (it was fainter than the first test tho) Yesterday morning I took yet another test and again it was extremely faint but you could see something there. I thought I would 'treat' myself to a clearblue test which I took this morning and it was negative sad I know you're not supposed to open the tests but when i did I did notice a very thin blue line but I am treating that as an evap line.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience of getting faint positives on cheap tests but negative on clearblue and yet still was pregnant i'm going out of my mind over this...i forgot how stressful and annoying ttc could be!

LucyRaggyDoll Mon 15-Aug-11 09:39:58

I have had no experience of positives, but have read lots of threads on here from other ladies who have experienced what you have.

The tests vary in sensitivity, and often the cheaper ones are more sensitive to the pregnancy hormone. So your cheap ones may be detecting you're pregnant when the Clearblue isn't yet. Cos it needs more pregnancy hormone to make it positive.

Alternatively, you could have had what's called a chemical pregnancy, which means you were pregnant, but it got miscarried v v v early on. Many tests would not pick this up and you'd have a period again as normal a few days later (although you've not actually had one since March!) So the sensitive tests might have been picking up on that.

Best and only thing to do is wait a good few days and test again.

HTH - good luck

havealittlefaithbaby Mon 15-Aug-11 22:10:50

What Lucy said. Maybe try a first response? Sensitive but not as flimsy as a cheapie?! The cbd tests require up to four times the concentration of the cheapies. So I'd try a FR with fmu. You've had two positives so it'd be wise to act like you're pregnant! If things are still unclear in a few days may be worth asking your GP for a blood test. Good luck!

taytotayto Tue 16-Aug-11 21:11:11

i have been told my many of my midwife friends that the cheap tests are much better than the expensive ones. i sometimes visit another website based in the US and the girls on there hate clearblue as they find it very unreliable. i agree with the other two posters and i would try a tesco or other brand like first response or try wilkinsons they sell cheap ones too. i must admit i did several cheap ebay tests a few days before af was due and they came up negative, then i did two clear blue non digital ones again negative. i left it about 3 days then tested again with cheap one and it came up positive with a strong line. then i paid for a digital and it came up pregnant. try again in a few days but dont spend loads of money. good luck and let us know how you get on. fingers crossed babes x

MammaInTheMaking Wed 17-Aug-11 16:08:54

I did a CB digital 3 days after AF was due and got a BFN. Then when i was 8 days late i did a mixture of tesco own brand and internet cheapies and all were BFP.

I'd definitely recommend the cheaper brands and basically wont ever be using or recommending CB digital again. I know i was really early on but seeing NOT PREGNANT so boldly on the screen really upset me! Especially when i was infact pregnant. Plus all the info on the packaging suggested it was 99% accurate when AF is late.

That's my experience. Just go with the cheapies smile

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