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IUI before or after ovulation?

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itsmekatielou Sun 14-Aug-11 12:50:09

Hi everyone, i am opting for IUI and not sure when is best to get it done! I usually get ovulation pains in the evening and didn't know whether its best to go in the day before the pain starts, or the morning after? I have to rely on an ovulation calendar and the pain i get because ovulation tests always come up negative! anyone else had this?

Kyrie Sun 14-Aug-11 13:06:21

Do your ovulation tests go positive for one or two days? If only one day I would go the day before. The sperm should be waiting for the egg and sperm easily surivives 1-3 days. This link seems to give the chances of conception as much higher the fews days before ovulation than the acutally day. I think because timing is harder and eggs are sometimes only viable for 6 hours.

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