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yet another 2ww!

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cheekycurls Sun 14-Aug-11 12:30:40

so sick of the 2ww! I want to know and I want to know NOW!! angry
i'm only 1 day into the dreaded 2ww and DP is sick of hearing about it all ready blush
any other crazies out there want to come for a ride with me for a bit of moaning, symptom spotting and crazing poas testing??? grin

buggerlugs82 Sun 14-Aug-11 18:40:53

Hey Cheeky - i have refused to let myself get into any 2ww by wearing panty liners daily so i can't obsess over my CM so i have no idea when i ovulate.

I'd suggest planning things for each weekend of your 2ww to keep your head space busy and occupied.

Mama5isalive Sun 14-Aug-11 19:27:11

cheekycurls when is your AF due? ines is on the 27th Aug and i trying to just relax and hopefully get a BDFP(big dark fat positive) no ov-ing sticks just simple maths plus oving pains and SWI( DP said he feels like a toy from soho)
never thought or wanted a baby until MMC in june so now trying to take control! but sometimes being on here you get caught up and seems to drive people slowly insane!!!!! testing well before AF is due!!!!!

cheekycurls Sun 14-Aug-11 21:32:44

AF is not due till 28th/29th blush
this is by far the earliest I've ever got so crazy about it all but this month everything was just perfect so in my head has to happen right?! hmm

Mama5isalive Mon 15-Aug-11 00:07:32

I hear what your saying but i think you should breath and relax and not focus on it so much focus on yourself and before you know it your time will pass!
and we will be testing and getting our results!!!!! i have not wanted to get pregnant so desprately before but since my mmc (@12 weeks on the 20th June) i have just wanted to be pregnant again!!!!!
good things come to those who waits and we have no choice but too wait!!!!!!
roll on 28th Aug - that will be the day i will test if AF dont come before!smile

buggerlugs82 Mon 15-Aug-11 12:09:03

I'm testing on the 26th as im going away for the weekend so don't want to drink if its a BFP. I don't think it is though although my nipples are killing me (sorry if TMI) just felt like sharing!! smile

Mama5isalive Mon 15-Aug-11 13:17:12

good luck and hope we all get the BFP we all desire!!!!!

desperateoldie67 Mon 15-Aug-11 14:25:55

Can I join? Having cramps in the uterus area (even though I'm not due my period until 22nd August), and feeling slightly nauseous - plus I've been eating like a horse! And I know we did the deed on the right couple of days...cos I temped and poas to see if I was ovulating...eeeeek!

cheekycurls Tue 16-Aug-11 18:49:56

well a couple of days in and i'm already imagining my boobs hurting! lol blush

Mama5isalive Tue 16-Aug-11 23:17:18

desperateoldie67 - AF due - 22nd August
buggerlugs - AF due - 26th August
Mama5isalive - AF due - 27thAugust
Cheekycurls - AF due -28th/29 th August

ok i have made a list- lets all hold hands and see the POAS start and the BFP start to show! Fingers crossed xxxgrin

RollingInTheAisles Tue 16-Aug-11 23:27:38

I'm the 22nd too but expecting BFN due to some confusing signs that I actually ovulated a week late sad Really confusing as it hasn't happened to me before so hoping this isn't the start of problems to come for me!

Good luck to everyone else!

desperateoldie67 Wed 17-Aug-11 08:47:01

I think I'm expecting a BFN too. I think I'm just erring on the side of batshit and imagining symptoms - although the nausea is annoying, but it seems to have gone this morning. sad

HappyToBeAlone Wed 17-Aug-11 11:09:38

Im also on the 2ww, Well its less that 2 weeks now smile
Im due AF on the 27th.
I am going to try and resist testing early and test on the 27th if AF doesnt show up.... I`m excited to know now :D

GoldenDaffodil Wed 17-Aug-11 13:36:23

Hello Ladies? Can I join you all on the 2ww? I'm ttc#1 and due a/f on 23 August. We've been trying for nearly a year now and there's been no hint of a bfp yet. I've been avoiding mumsnet conception threads for the last few months because I fealt like I was becoming obsessed with ttc-ing but I've felt compelled to come back this month because everything feels different. Perhaps I've finally lost the plot and gone mad but for the last few days I've been absolutely convinced that I'm pg. I've never had this before, it's usually just longing and finger crossing but this time I feel so sure that it's almost killed me not to poas. I've also got sore boobs (don't usually get this as part of pms), a few instances of mild cramps, lots of weeing, and I've been so tired that I've been falling asleep on the train during my journey's to and from work. The suspense is absolutely killing me and I don't want to share my thoughts with friends or DH in case I get the usual bfn and come across as completely mad.

millyv Wed 17-Aug-11 14:56:10

Hello everyone, can I join please?
goldendaffodil I know exactly how you feel, we are on month 7 of TTC#1 and I'm sure in these 7 months I've lost the plot a few times! My AF is due on Saturday and I've got a weird feeling, started getting this metalic taste in my mouth yesterday and my boobs were sore in the gym last night - I have no other symptoms though so could be my mind planting symptoms in my head again! confused I'm using all of my self discipline to stop me going to buy a test as don't want to get ahead of myself!

cheekycurls Wed 17-Aug-11 15:45:27

millyv - AF due - 20th August
desperateoldie67 - AF due - 22nd August
GoldenDaffodil - AF due - 23rd August
buggerlugs - AF due - 26th August
Mama5isalive - AF due - 27th August
HappyToBeAlone - AF due - 27th August
Cheekycurls - AF due -28th/29th August

cheekycurls Wed 17-Aug-11 15:52:26

Hi girls welcome to the mad house! smile

super excited and keeping my fingers and toes crossed for us all grin

only symptom I have is the sore/heavy (even pimples on nipples, are they always there?! not sure as I tend to only look inspect boobies in the 2ww!! hmm , must be all in my head as way too early for pms sore boobs but then way too early for pregnancy symptoms!!!
defiantly losing it this month!! blush

cheekycurls Wed 17-Aug-11 15:57:51

sorry about ur mmc Mama5isalive (only just saw ur post) preggo brain hmm

I can fully understand how u are felling, I've had 2 mmc's the craving to be pregnant again is just overwhelming and very hard to deal with while ttc again! really hope this is ur month grin

GoldenDaffodil Wed 17-Aug-11 16:31:21

So sorry to hear about mmc's, I can only begin to imagine how heartbreaking they must be. Despite all the bfn's I've cried over, I know I'm lucky compared to those who've experienced mmc.

I really hope this is going to be our month girls. I'm struggling to concentrate on pretty much anything as the clock slowly ticks towards Monday. The symptom spotting has reached fever-pitch and I have serious concerns about my sanity.

Mama5isalive Wed 17-Aug-11 17:07:11

Hi and welcome newbie " we will not POAS yet" crew!!!!
Rollingintheaisles-welcome - lets think positive for a positive u just never know!
millyv - welcome- ohhhhh those def sound like tell- tale signs - that always happened to my BF and shes on countdown to DC3 in 3 weeks!
Happytobealone-welcome - we are AF buddies!!!!!!
Goldendaffodil -welcome -and lets just think positive to not having AF turn up!

not long now so lets all join hands and try to resist from POAS until are dates!
weekend is my Wedding Ann - so hopefully off to spend some time with DH away from DC! whoop!!!!!!!!!!

Mama5isalive Wed 17-Aug-11 17:29:50

Ahhhh thanks Cheekycurls and also my heart goes out to you for your mmcs! it was such a shock but im dealing and now healing and feeling much better now then i was back in June. Im hoping to help others who have experienced this for i feel more help is required!
Thanks - Goldendaffodil - i totally hear you and have never known how to think when i heard of others and mc's but know i know and will never be the same again, the pain and grief is overwhelming! But positive thinking now and looking forwards to all the great things that will be happening real soon!

millyv Thu 18-Aug-11 10:35:53

Thanks for the welcome ladies! mama5isalive glad to hear you are feeling more positive, nobody prepares you for the up's and downs of this rollercoaster we're all on. Hopefully we will all get what we crave for soon! Xx

Mama5isalive Thu 18-Aug-11 22:59:32

mild cramping period type most of the day quite numb but enough to notice!

missuswife Thu 18-Aug-11 23:08:16

Hey ladies, can I join you? AF is due on Saturday and I am seriously tempted to give in and POAS tomorrow morning. My DH thinks I'm pregnant because I've been really tired and had weird cramps but I haven't had the sore boobs or nausea yet. I have been totally exhausted and even had to take a nap at the cricket match on Saturday but that could just be from lack of sleep.

Anyway I have one PT my friend gave me. Debating whether to use it tomorrow morning...

Clandy Fri 19-Aug-11 13:40:14

Hello. I am at the home stretch of my 2ww af due tuesday so could test tomorrow but trying hard to wait as don't wanna get bfn if I am actually pregnant. I have got lots of symptoms but thinking it's unlikely as I have only been off the pill since July ands first cycle if ttc, not yet had af since of pill! Trying not to get hopes up but finding it very hard... Least I have MN to keep me going.... smile

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