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Confused :(

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Sassymk Sun 14-Aug-11 09:44:21

Hi Ladies

AF got me this morning, will be going into 7th cycle of TTC #2. Felt quite teary this morning as I'd convinced myself I was PG.

My cycles are really confusing me now. They are coming in at between 30 and 33 days. My temp this month had me ovulating at around day 20 then was very high until yesterday. Its dipped right down this morning and AF has made an appearence. I have only just started temping but this month AF has come at 9DPO when it was due 14DPO (with a 33 day cycle).

Anyway I think I may have a short luetal phase but not sure, I can't say I've kept an eye on it before. Can luetal phases very in length or are they standard? Ive already had my day 21 test and everything was fine (told doctor we'd ttc for a year).

Anyone got any words of wisdom? Apart from don't stress itll take time grin

Sassymk Sun 14-Aug-11 10:34:59

PPS (sorry!), the day 21 that supposed to be 7 days after you ovulate? Because I actually ovulate on CD20. Jeez I think my GP is pants sad

SaulGood Sun 14-Aug-11 10:40:25

If you've only just started temping, give it chance for you to find a pattern. You need to know what's normal for you. Your luteal phase is generally fixed so give it a couple of months. How old are you? 7 months is a normal amount of time to conceive. Up to a year is really common and not a worry and you're clearly ovulating.

Jury's out on what constitutes a luteal phase defect. 10-16 days is average but I know lots and lots of people who conceive with a slightly shorter lp and a few health professionals who are doubtful over whether what some people think is short actually is short.

I understand why you're tearful but atm I'd stick with charting for a couple of months, being reassured by the fact that you seem to be ovulating just fine and review when you approach a year if you haven't conceived at that point.

havealittlefaithbaby Sun 14-Aug-11 17:03:59

The 'day 21' test should be done seven days before af (not easy if af is irregular!). In the end with my cycle being 24-29 days long they tested day 17 and 20! Got a clearer result then. I agree, charting takes a while to see a pattern. It's possible you're having a short luteal phase. Stick with the temping and make sure you look at other signs like cervix position and ewcm too.

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