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TWO invalid pregnancy tests?

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kickingking Sat 13-Aug-11 21:08:11

My period is offically late. We have been actively trying.

Boots test was invaild. Went out, bought Tesco test, was also invalid. As in, neither of them had a line in the control window.

What the hell is going on?

roundtable Sat 13-Aug-11 21:15:17

Too much wee? Sometimes you can effectively flood them especially if you have a powerful flow! blush

I found I had to pee for less than the given amount of time or it wouldn't work! 35 weeks now grin

havealittlefaithbaby Sat 13-Aug-11 21:24:16

TMi question, are you peeing onto them or peeing in a pot and dipping*

kickingking Sat 13-Aug-11 22:59:29

I was just peeing on them. I think I peed on the windows of the first and didn't get enough pee on the second.

I took a third by peeing in a cup and dipping it in. It worked that time! It said not pregnant, but then about fifteen minutes later there was a very faint line in the pregnant window. That doesn't count right? As it was quarter of an hour later?

And where is my period?!

goingmadtrying Sat 13-Aug-11 23:54:33

Peeing on the window can make an invalid test as can not weeing on it enough sad

Definately wee and dip in future or it will become an expensive hobby grin

In terms of the third test it depends how long you were meant to leave it?? Also did you use first wee of the day?? You can sometimes get an evaporation line but I think these come up later than 15 mins, test again with your first morning wee and read it within the specified time, it is possible you could be pg smile

kickingking Sun 14-Aug-11 10:11:00

I think it was just an evaporation line, I just read online that Tesco tests are terrible for evaporation lines.

Confusing, because I'm now on day 37 of a 33-35 day cycle and no sign of my period. I'm never later than 35 days.

With my DS, I tested on day 35 and there was no doubting the pregnant line.


TreacleChops Sun 14-Aug-11 13:33:36

While we're on the subject....

Has anyone had a bad experience with hGC sticks?

I bought two boxes from a £ shop as like goingmad stated, it's an expensive hobby, especially when your not regular!!!

i thought i'd noticed my luteal phase between the 8th and 10th of July, which means i'd be due my AF around 22nd - 24th July - no show. Did three of the dip stick tests around that time to no positive results so decided to leave it be and wait for AF.

Probably around the start of last week i noticed a lot of (sorry if TMI) mucus, but unlike luteal phase, this was quite thick in consistency...... Tested again with dip sick test and still a negative result.

Probably around Wednesday, i noticed what i thought was AF and was disappointed but also felt relieved that she had arrived (so i knew that i have to start TTCing again.) but by the time i went to the toilet again AF hadn't began her full flow and had disappeared again. (if anything, what i thought was AF was just a bit of brownish discharge). This has happened three times now, over the last 4 days... i haven't tested because i had no dip stick tests left, but was a bit :/ on weather to buy the sticks again.

Anyone got any ideas/ clues as to what they think might be happening, or anyone had any false negatives with the hGC sticks?!

If i am pregnant, i'd be around 7 and a half weeks.... surely it would show up on a hGC stick that i was?

SaulGood Sun 14-Aug-11 13:39:11

What's a hGC stick?

I've used poundland tests before (the two dipsticks in a box things) and they're just fine.

And by luteal phase are you meaning ovulation? Your luteal phase is the time between ovulation and your period so is a period of between 10 and 16 days for most women.

TBH there could be all manner of things happening to you. You might be pregnant, you might have not ovulated or had a delayed ovulation this month. I'd see your gp just for a blood test because a very delayed period and negative tests can very occasionally be due to a pregnancy that isn't developing as it should, particularly with irregular bleeding. So you should rule pregnancy in/out if you can.

TreacleChops Sun 14-Aug-11 13:44:41

well hGC is the pregnancy hormone that all pregnacy tests pick up when you wee on them, just the ones i get from £shops are called hGC tests 3 tests for a £1.

Yes luteal phase is from the day of ovulation. Mine is 14 days, every month it's been 14 days since ovulation to AF.... ive been testing it for 8 months now smile

Periods are never regular, but from ovulation its always only 14 days.

I'm going to buy a proper pregnancy test later, use that and go from their.

fingers crossed!

SaulGood Sun 14-Aug-11 14:35:59

I thought it was a brand or something and wanted to clarify before confirming there's nowt wrong with Poundshop own brand dipstick thingies. The hormone is hcg grin. Yes, I know what a luteal phase is, was just confused by you saying you thought you'd noticed your luteal phase around 8th-10th July and then referred to mucus that was 'unlike your luteal phase' (luteal phase being as long as it is, you get a variation in mucus usually). Just wondered if you meant you'd noticed ovulation around the 8th-10th and thus counted your luteal phase from there. It was your wording I didn't understand.

The poundshop ones are as accurate (if not more sensitive) as other tests, supermarket own etc.

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