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Checking Ovulation CM!

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shellmc Thu 11-Aug-11 20:30:49

Can i just ask, do you know very clearly when your ovulating??

Might sound strange but do you tend to get the egg-white CM on ya underwear, or do you have to know have a poke about to check it??

Can you also tell a difference by position of your cervix when Ovulating, ...when Af about to start....and when Pregnant??

razzdazz Fri 12-Aug-11 09:09:58

Hi shell, not sure if I will be much help but.........this month I had no evidence of ovulation changes in cervical mucus and was miffed that it might not be happening angry. However, my progesterone tests told a different story and I have just had a BFP grin. I have pcos and my infertility nurse has said that it is fairly common with pcos to notice fertile mucus at different non fertile stages of the month just to confuse us even more confused. I did actually get the stretchy egg white 2 days before my BFP!!!
As for cervix changes.......I have never delved into it so really cant help, sorry. Good luck, razz

didldidi Fri 12-Aug-11 09:11:41

yes I get quite a lot of it and also ovarian pain. Never checked the cervix though

shellmc Sat 13-Aug-11 22:06:05

Awwwww CONGRATULTIONS razzdazz !!! So pleased for you!! smile
Ohh great yeh just another thing to add to the problems ha haa.
Well i havent noticed the egg white CM this month at all and now on day 41 since LMP. Havent been using protection, but BFN!! I guess il have to just sit it out till AF decides to show!!
Weird how you got the egg white only 2 days before your BFP, wonder if that suggests you actually ovulated twice??
Thanks didldidi i do usually get pain in one side, and often wonder if thats when ovulation is happening. Thankyou both smile

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