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Help! Clomid & Hcg

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hillbilliechick Thu 11-Aug-11 00:20:55

New to all this, not to ttc but to trying to find anyone in a similar boat. Would be great to have a bit of wisdom if anyone is able to help!
Been ttc for 2.5 years, not ovulating (long story). Been on 5 cycles of Clomid now, unsuccessful to start off with, but the 4th cycle caused a hopeful raise of hormones, however didn't result in ovulation. Now onto Clomid with the added monthly Hcg injection to help stimulate the release of an egg. So Clomid, monthly scans to look at my follicles and then if they're the right size the hcg injection. However I can't find out much about the injection and I'd really love some more knowledge. Has anyone out there been through a similar course of treatment?
Any help, advice or nudges in the right direction greatly appreciated.

Gardenpixie Thu 11-Aug-11 20:17:45

Hi there, I had six months of clomid and had hcg injections for the three when I started ovulating by myself. Do you know which brand of injection you are having? I had pregnyl administered at the clinic as it had to be done intra muscularly.

It was fine really, I got a bit emotional the day after but nothing too horrendous.

Shout if you have specific questions xx

joycep Fri 12-Aug-11 06:26:47

Hi, yes I had this for a few months. I think mine was ovitrelle which i guess is similar to pregnyl. From what I gathered it just mimicked the hormones your body would produce during ovulation and would give you the LH surge to make you ovulate. I was told ovulation would occur within 48hrs. No side effects. And do ask if you have any other questions

hillbilliechick Sat 13-Aug-11 11:24:34

It is so nice to find some other people out there that have been through a similar thing! I've been finding it really hard to find out any info on it. I'm not entirely sure which version of the hcg I'm on - chorionic gonadotrophin is what it says on the bottle, but its subcutaneous rather than intramuscular. I've only had one cycle of it so far and that led to a successful ovulation. However I'm on my second cycle and this one doesn't seem to be doing much, my hormones are being really slow to rise. Was yours successful every month? Did it result in a successful pregnancy for either of you at all? Do you know how many cycles they can try it for? Do you know what the success rate is at all?

hillbilliechick Sat 13-Aug-11 11:26:16

Also is there anything else you recommend taking at the same time - natural supplements or anything?

hillbilliechick Wed 17-Aug-11 10:02:01

This cycle doesn't seem to be working, were yours the same every month. Last month was fine, but everythings really slow going this time around. Any helpful advice gratefully accepted!

joycep Wed 17-Aug-11 14:10:15

hi hillbillie, sorry I didn't see your previous posts. Mine was a strange one because i ovulate normally anyway. I wasn't quite sure why i was being injected...or why i was put on clomid. I think clomid is normally for 6 months isn't it? I have heard people who do take it for longer. I am sorry you are finding your cycle isn't working, have you consulted on taking a higher dose? I think everyone is different with clomid - it messed my cycles up and i couldn't take it for very long.

hillbilliechick Thu 18-Aug-11 15:55:04

hi joycep. thanks for getting back. sadly on the highest dose of clomid but it just seems a bit hit and miss. worked lastmonth. being really slow this month. finding it difficult t find anyone whos been in the same boat. any advice?

joycep Fri 19-Aug-11 17:26:10

hi hillbillie, oh dear, i can't really help i'm afraid. i 'm going to be doing iui soon and i'm going to get daily injections. Apparently these daily injections do something more than clomid but i don't know what they are called. When i find i will let you know. But it may be worth asking your consultant....

hillbilliechick Thu 01-Sep-11 00:38:28

Hi Joycep. Sorry haven't replied on this thread. Yep injections would be the next stage apparently, however we wouldn't get these on the NHS as DH has a child from a previous marriage, which apparently means that we don't qualify for anything like that, which is poo basically. That's why there feels like so much pressure to make this cycle work, and why there's such a big fall when it doesn't. Can you explain IUI a bit more? Just in case we did win the lottery!

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