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LucyRaggyDoll Wed 10-Aug-11 13:37:06

Hi, have to vent on here, as no one in RL knows...

After 20 months TTC we finally got told we are being referred for IVF. We were excited to be doing something although apprehensive

Beginning of July we saw the consultant and he said he'd send the letter straight off. Anyway, it transpires he hadn't arranged for me to have a swab done. When I rang the secretary to find out what was happening at the end of July she told me to go and get it done.

But she is now on annual leave for a week and so the results can't be got til she's back. But she told me she'd send off the referral anyway. Which was 2 weeks ago and the clinic still haven't received it. What kind of internal post system they have, I've no idea!! So the swab results could take 2 weeks to get anywhere as well.

I know this sounds petty and in the grand scheme of things a few weeks here and there will make no difference. But it is frustrating, that we thought the clinic would get the referral and the 18 week wait would start early July. Now it will prob be 2 months later.

LucyRaggyDoll Wed 10-Aug-11 13:39:03

Oops, posted early.

That was it really.....just so fed up with waiting and wanted to complain to someone!! My DH is at work and so can't talk....

Thanks!! smile

helenlouisey Wed 10-Aug-11 15:04:15

LucyRaggyDoll, I feel your pain, when you are ttc to conceive, especially when you've been trying for as long as you have, ever week and month counts, and feels like an eternity. It can be such a long and frustrating process sometimes. Are being treated in the NHS or privately? I really hope you can get things moving once the secretary returns to work on Monday. Best of luck


Ruthie32 Wed 10-Aug-11 20:49:07

LucyRaggyDoll - can I ask why you were referred? We've been trying for 20 months too and all I've had is a blood test which said I've got normal hormones and DH has been tested and he's 'normal' too. I'm 33 and have no clue if I should see a doctor or just keep trying or what? what did you do?

LucyRaggyDoll Wed 10-Aug-11 21:07:28

Thanks is just so annoying. We're being treated in the NHS, so really I am grateful we're getting help and won't be paying. I'd be even more cross if I was paying for all these delays!!

Ruthie...when I came off the pill my periods were v irregular and I suspected PCOS. Insisted on tests and it was confirmed. DH also has dodgy sperm, we've since found out. So we were referred to a consultant. We've done clomid for 8 months, so IVF is next. I would push for more investigations if I were you. A year or even a year and a a half is fairly normal (apparently!) but since it's longer and you're concerned, the GP should refer you on.

Good luck to you both!


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