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hysteroscopy / lap & dye test.....

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cheekycurls Wed 10-Aug-11 10:01:20

I just had hysteroscopy / lap & dye test, all came back fine, tubes open ect...
womb lining is thick though what does this mean?

also I'm due to be ovulating soon and don't know what to do, is it worth ttc this month (heard stories of women falling soon after lap & dye tests)

I'm still very sore though but bleeding has stop

I'm just in limbo really.....

taytotayto Wed 10-Aug-11 16:51:46

hi cheeky not sure if i can be any use but ive been through the same as you as i have pcos and wasnt ovulating so fertility consultant did lap and dye on me ........ that was about 3 and a half years ago. the results like yours came back clear, tubes clear etc and he said all that was wrong with me was i needed to loose weight. when i went back for a review about 6 weeks following the procedures he asked if periods were more regular , i said no and the consultant said he didnt expect it to have worked as the success rate was low. thanks very much i thought, but dont give us as i got pregant really soon after loosing about a stone and now have two beautiful daughters, one who has just turned two and our new baby is 12 weeks old. so what i would say is try as soon as you feel ready, and i wish you all the very best of luck. x x

cheekycurls Wed 10-Aug-11 20:10:31

thanks taytotayto
I do need to lose some weight and trying my hardest just everything takes so long and I just want it all to happen now! been waiting for such a long time just clutching at straws really....

taytotayto Thu 11-Aug-11 13:14:31

i know exactly how you feel honest i do, i felt exactly the same. everywhere i went people were pregnant. that made me feel even lower so i ate more. then i decided i had no choice but to try and lose the weight. i didnt lose much and it seemed to help but to be honest the second time i got pregnant i was as big as i was before i lost the weight. it will happen for you..... i took some natural herbal stuff to help regulate my periods not sure if it was them or just luck each time. dont give up but if you can try and relax a bit more and not think about getting pregnant. people kept telling me this and it annoyed me....... if im honest id given up trying to get pregnant as i though it would never happen, i got a new job and was so taken up with it i was 6 weeks pregnant and didnt know it. good luck and if you remember will you let me know when you get your bfp. xxxx

kay157 Thu 11-Aug-11 15:59:46

Hi cheekycurls

I recently had the same as you and all came back normal. However i did get told that for a least a month after we must use contraception as you still have radiation in you slightly which may be harmful if you concieve straight away after having it done. I had this precedure done 3 months ago and still no positive test as of yet but i have heard it clears all your tubes having this done and a high percentage of women fall pregnant so i wish you lots of luck. It's very trying isnt it and hard to stay cheerful but you must!! sometimes i think its harder if all tests come back ok as you feel like a fraud and wonder all the why!! confused

cheekycurls Fri 12-Aug-11 09:27:40

oh really I wasn't aware of any radiation! shock
I know what u mean kay, I was half hoping for something to be wrong with me so at least I would know and they could fix me! lol

I made a big mistake going on google and now i've convinced myself that I'll get my BFP this month or next after reading alot of success stories! EVIL GOOGLE! lol

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