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So Confused :(

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lauraloo09 Wed 10-Aug-11 08:46:56

morning just looking for some advice.

I had a very strange day yesterday, one of my work colleagues told me that she can tell when someone is pregnant and she told me I was (which I thought was weird) I have never said to her I was trying so it was strange when she just came out with that. I went home and done a test in the afternoon on a cheap ebay test and a very very faint line appeared, which I was over the moon about. I went and bought FR tests last night and used one this morning with FMU and it was BFN....I was wondering if there is a chance I could be pregnant but not picked up on the FR test? Unfortunately I do not know where I am in my cycle as I haven't had a period since March sad I ahve been having some symptoms, most notibly the sensitive/sore boobs and I didn't even have them in my first pregnancy! Any help would be great thanks xxx

Imnotaslimjim Wed 10-Aug-11 08:54:53

Have you investigated why you haven't had AF since March? Cos thats 5 months, so I'm assuming you have been to the drs etc?

I've never used a FR, but I have found the asda and tesco ones to be particularly sensitive (made by the same company I think) so maybe get hold of one of those if you can

SaulGood Wed 10-Aug-11 08:59:10

Why haven't you had a period since March?

Ebay cheap tests are often more sensitive than First Response so that could explain the positive on one and the negative on the other.

lauraloo09 Wed 10-Aug-11 09:00:33

thanks for your reply imnotaslimjim i have been to the doctors regularly and the one i usually see just tells me that periods will start eventually, however over the weekend I had discharge from my right breast so was at another doctor on monday who has arranged for hormone blood tests to be done, had blood taken yesterday. doctor thinks that my brain is producing too much prolactin which is stoping my periods so just waiting on the results of this sad im just holding onto hope that I am pregnant x

OracleInaCoracle Wed 10-Aug-11 09:04:40

The only way you will know is to go to the docs. In the second trimester you don't get bfps.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 10-Aug-11 09:52:28

if you've had breast discharge and no AF for that long I would go back and insist on a scan. Have you gained any weight at all? It doesn't have to be just around the tummy, I know a few ladies that gained weight all over

As lissie says, you don't generally get BFPs in the 2nd trimester as you aren't producing HCG anymore. Hope you get an answer soon

SaulGood Wed 10-Aug-11 10:12:00

The problem with late testing ie if you're really quite well into a pregnancy is that your hcg levels peak at the end of the first trimester and stay quite high (though they do drop off a bit). It's too much hcg for a test to cope with and they read negative. I think it's called the hook effect iirc. You can dilute your urine and retest to reduce the amount of hcg in the sample.

It's all academic really though. You need to talk to your gp about full blood tests, including for hcg.

lauraloo09 Wed 10-Aug-11 10:30:22

thanks everyone for your replies.

imnotaslimjim yes I have been gaining weight but my diet hasn't changed any so not sure why I have been gaining weight

saulgood my gp has given me full blood tests and I am just awaiting results I have also to return to get a breast exam done

whatatip Wed 10-Aug-11 19:12:28

Have you done previous tests over the last 3/4/5 months that have been negative?

kay157 Thu 11-Aug-11 16:10:34

i'm very curious to now know...are you pregnant or not???

cookielove Wed 17-Aug-11 20:46:48

just a little bump, to see if you are less confused?

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