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Did the terms and conditions of duoferility change?

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lightsandshapes Tue 09-Aug-11 14:36:54

Hi - not sure of the best place to posy this.... can anyone help. Last year I used duofertility whilst TTC (now 7 months pregnant smile ).

Stopped using 7 months ago - when I signed up it was a monthly payment option of £49 per month. Today (some 7 months later) I have had an email from them saying the following....

I hope that you don’t mind me e-mailing, but I have noticed that you have not paid your outstanding subscription balance to us. As you have become pregnant while using DuoFertility on the monthly plan, you are only required to pay 50% of the monthly instalments, which is £24.50. Alternatively, you can pay the remaining total as a one-off payment of £122.5; this is half of the total amount currently owed.

Their terms and conditions have clearly changed after I stopped using it - but they are asking me for over £100 I DO NOT think I owe!

Help! Can anyone confirm that their terms and conditions have changed??

Good luck everyone with TTC (btw, I got pregnant after taking advantage of a good show of clear egg white cervical mucus and one night of babydancing after duofertility had said I had gone past my optimum time - these monitors have their place but I think your mind controls when you ovulate too - something a machince can't predict).

Biscuitsandtea Tue 09-Aug-11 15:19:47

Hi, didn't want your post to go unanswered. I used duoferiity too (currently almost 7 weeks pg) but I think my 'support' was included in the price? Having coughed up about £500 for the monitor they're not getting another £50 a month out of me!

Incidentally for what it's worth I don't think it really helped me either. The month we got our BFP it very confusingly told me for about 6 days that I had ovulated on one day and then changed it's mind because the data updated (I was synching every single day) then it said I hadn't ov'd at all, then I'd ov'd a week later than originally thought.... In fact because it told me at one point we were at least 4dpo we had largely stopped SWI and had one 'security' go because their data had been 'changeable' the month before too. so I wasn't too impressed with that.

Their helpful advice? 'well we recommend you SWI every other day just to be sure' and the point of the monitor is then....? hmm

Anyway sorry for that little rant. I'm afraid I can't help with your question as I am hoping I didn't have to pay separately!

Be interested to see what the answer is though?

lightsandshapes Tue 09-Aug-11 15:44:48

Thanks Buscuits - glad to hear they are not getting any more money out of you - me neither! I also never recieved the fertility report after 4 months that they promised! If they cause trouble I will tell them I'm going to tell mumsnet!!! wink, but seriously they stressed me out when they sent me this email - not what you need when you're pg.

Good luck with your pregnancy xx

purpletiger Tue 16-Aug-11 09:18:58

I've been using duofertility for 4 months...not pg yet, but I've just received my 4 month report and it's got some useful insights in it, so I'm glad we went down that route. I also lost a pregancy during that time, and they spotted I was pg before I got a BFP. I've emailed with queries a couple of times and got really quick responses, so the support is there if you ask for it.
When I got mine, there were two ways of paying: £500 up front including all support, no monthly fees and a money-back guarantee if you weren't pg w/in a year, or £149 up front plus £49 per month for 9 months for the support, which got reduced by 50% if you told them you were pg. I first checked out duofertility last November, after the fertility show, and these were definitely the Ts and Cs at that point (I'm a little obsessive about these things, as I'm a lawyer!)
Hope that helps.

Biscuitsandtea Tue 16-Aug-11 09:30:03

Ah that makes sense purple I must have done the £500 up front one (I just bought it off Boots). I agree that the email support is good, but most questions I had were about the monitor rather than fertility. However, they did email me when it looked like I might be pg and suggested I do a HPT. To be fair though, it's not like I needed to be told since I was ttc there was a fair chance I would test when AF was late!

I think my problem was more with the actual data from the reader which I found changed a lot and changed my day of ov by a lot. If I had listened to the monitor in the month we conceived I would have stopped swi before I'd actually ov'd. When I asked them about the changing date they said well you should just swi every other day just in case, which to my mind defeated the point of estimating the fertile days. Swi every other day is fine in theory but not so much in practice when you're both tired from work etc. We never got to 4 months to get a fertility report (but I think this is because I had a HSG the cycle before I conceived and DH had managed to vastly improve his SA results.

I think also I wanted a magic solution and thought if it cost that much it must be magic confused. It wasn't as magic as I hoped and I think a cbfm might have been better for helping me predict ov.

Sorry for your loss though - hope you get another bfp soon and it is a sticky one smile

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