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Advice needed re cycles returning to normal after combined pill vs mini pill

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Luckylam Mon 08-Aug-11 22:21:03

I want to know what experience people have of cycles returning to normal after taking pill. I have just started (2 days ago) taking my first ever packet of mini pill, after changing from combined pill due to slight side affects nothing major. We will probably be ttc within in the 2-3 months and am wondering if I should go back to combined pill just for next few months or whether I should just stick with mini pill. I basically want to stck with the one that wont affect my cycle returning to normal as quickly as it can. I was on cilest before and it says if u start taking it on day 5 of ur period ur protected after 7 days of being on it. I'm tempted just to go back on it as I've heard bad reports of mini pill, constant bleeding and other side affects but have already started taking mini pill will be due to take 3rd one tomo.

Sorry this isn't making much sense and is so long. Mayb I should stick with mini pill and hope it doesn't affect my cycles when I stop taking it?

Thanks xx

havealittlefaithbaby Tue 09-Aug-11 06:24:35

I took cerazette for about 18 months. I can't take combined pill due to migraines. It took me a couple of months to stop spotting randomly. Then I had regular spotting monthly (like a period but only enough to need a pantyliner). I got on done after that but it doesn't suit everyone. Best thing to do is try it and see.

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