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Help! Advice needed on HSG timing

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Gintonic Mon 08-Aug-11 21:48:37

Hello, really grateful to anyone who can give me some advice on HSG. I have been ttc for over a year, and have endometriosis. The gynae doctor told me I would need to get an HSG done in the first 14 days of my cycle. She said it would increase my chance of conceiving, but only during the month in which it was done, so I should try to conceive after having it done.

Today the radiology dept called and offered an appt for the HSG, on day 17 - i.e. too late to conceive this month (and I am not allowed to ttc before the test, due to the risk from the xrays). I tried to explain that this was too late, and that it was important I got it done before day 14 to increase my chances. The woman told me the test could be done anytime up to day 20, and in any case there were no earlier appts available - I could try calling back next month but it would probably be the same. She obviously wasnt interested in listening to what I was saying.

Ended up bursting into tears in the office after this extremely frustrating phone call, and now wondering what to do? The leaflet the Dr gave me clearly says that the test will be done in the first 14 days so I am pretty sure I am not going mad here? The problem with my hospital is that it is pretty much impossible trying to speak to anyone on the phone, anyone you do manage to get hold of just tries to fob you off, so the only thing I can think of doing is taking the day off tomorrow and going down there to try and sort it out?

If anyone can has any advice that will stop me from screaming or killing someone I would very much appreciate it, thank you!

havealittlefaithbaby Tue 09-Aug-11 06:30:36

Why are some NHS receptionists so rude?! When I had mine done (last month) they told me to call when af arrived so they could book me in the following week. The risk with Hsg is about the xray but also the dye can disturb a pregnancy. Tbh if they won't book it in the first week of your cycle, I think you're gonna have to bite the bullet and agree to have it done when they offer. Use protection and have a month not ttc - bear in mind your chances are greatly increased for three months after a Hsg. Tbh I missed my fertile window anyway because I was too tender to swi for a few days after anyway. I'd say get it done and over with and worry about swi next month. Hope that helps.

Impatientwino Tue 09-Aug-11 13:46:20

Hi I had HSG last week - I was told it has to be done between days 7 and 10 only so that's a bit odd to be honest. Maybe different NHS trusts have different rules? I had to ring the radiology department on day 1 of my cycle and then then allocated me an appointment. The first month I rang they didn't have any appointment available on my cycle days 7-10 so I had to wait for the following month.

Also, the nurse who did it, who was lovely and normal and very understanding said that the level of radiation you have been exposed to is less than when you go on a plane so not to worry about waiting to TTC until next month. She said that if you were TTC you would think nothing of getting on an airplane?

As I've been TTC for a year now I really don't want to miss even a month so I understand how upset you must be, for me it's a lack of control thing and when people aren't listening to you it's awful and you feel like your hands are tied and you just want to scream.

Personally I think if they won't offer you an appointment in the first part of your cycle I would wait until next month and carry on trying as normal this month.

It will only upset you if you have it done later in your cycle and then don't fall this month, you'll be convinced it was because the hsg was at the wrong time and I don't think that will help you emotionally if that makes sense?

Speak with whoever referred you for the HSG and ask for their assistance. One of the nurses I have spoken with said that you really need to push push push all the time with these things otherwise the process just takes longer.


Biscuitsandtea Tue 09-Aug-11 17:44:52

Hi, just thought I would put my two penneth in as well. I had one done late May / early June-ish.

Like Imaptient I was told it should be done around days 7-10 of my cycle. I think it had to be after day 7 to be after the bleeding was done and I assumed that the reason it had to be before day 10 was so that you weren't busy ovulating - I'd figured they didn't want to interfere with you ttc but maybe I am giving them too much credit? hmm.

Anyway, I rang up on day 1 of my cycle and the lady asked me how long I normally bled for and then we looked at the dates available after that. We were unlucky because of the weekend falling just at the end of my period and then I think I had to wait until perhaps the wednesday after so it would have been CD9 when I actually had it done.

I've just dug out the leaflet I had on it at the time and it just said that the best time to do it was as soon as possible after your period was finished.

Now our fertility consultant did not tell us not to ttc that month, and he mentioned that it can improve your chances for a few months after. (I was led to believe that the improved chances might last for 2-3 months?). And that makes sense as the logic being that sometimes the HSG itself can clear any blockages so I don't see why that would only work for one month? Unless they are saying that the dye itself can do something? In fact we had it done and nothing that month but we did get our bfp the second month after it (which was month 19 of ttc with nothing even approaching a bfp prior to that smile).

Oooh, actually, on the topic of how long it benefits for, I did once read something on t'internet about what dye they use and one sort seemed to have better rates of improvements than the other sort. So maybe then the dye itself would make a difference? I'll have a root and see if I can find it......

Also, when you do have it done I know that different people have different experiences of it. I know have had a pretty painful time after hers but I really had very few unpleasant side effects from it. it was not that painful when I had it done (although I do have DS so maybe that cleared the way blush? Certainly my smear test post having DS was a lot less uncomfortable than the ones I had had before him....)

Anyway, my point is really that some people have a bad time and others don't so fingers crossed it will be fine when you have it. Take some painkillers if required and I took a sanitary towel too so I didn't have to use a massive hospital issue one smile

Sorry that's a bit rambling.....

havealittlefaithbaby Tue 09-Aug-11 17:55:48

I was the same in that I called on cd1 and booked in for when I stopped bleeding. I agree you can ttc straight after. They told me your fertility is imor

havealittlefaithbaby Tue 09-Aug-11 17:57:30

I was the same in that I called on cd1 and booked in for when I stopped bleeding. I agree you can ttc straight after. They told me your fertility is improved for three months after. I think my discomfort was partly due to a narrow cervix opening (so said the radiologist) and because I was brewing a uti.

Solars Tue 09-Aug-11 18:00:48

Hope you don't me adding my experience too....

I just booked my HSG today for next week. I was told by our consultant to ring on the first day of AF (which was yesterday). We were told that you could have your HSG between day 1 and 10 but not if you are bleeding so that ties in with other advice above of days 7-10 I guess. Have to say whoever I spoke to on the phone was adorable and really helpful. If I were you Gintonic either write this month off and go for the test or speak to your GP and see if they can help especially if they are saying it should be done before day 14 and the hospital can't even offer you that. Your hospital sounds awful.

I can totally understand how you feel, it's so frustrating with having to wait for appointments all the time, hope you can sort it out though, good luck x

Biscuitsandtea Tue 09-Aug-11 18:12:11

It's not the article I was thinking of, but here is some stuff about the two different dyes - water based vs oil based. According to this if you have the oil one you have to go back the day after so I'm guessing most of us have had the water based one? For what it's worth the other article I read was advocating the oil based one:

HSG dyes

Gintonic Tue 09-Aug-11 21:52:42

Hello and thanks so much for your messages, really appreciate it. Yesterday I was totally hacked off with the whole thing. But a few hours watching London get trashed by mindless idiots kind of helped put my problems in perspective.

DP persuaded me to go down to the hospital this morning, and the end result was that they have managed to get me an earlier appt, so hooray! It does pay to be insistent, if you can do it in a nice way (good job I didnt go down yesterday though as think I would have clobbered someone...)

Biscuits and havealittle... yes I also thought the benefit lasted 3 months or so, so I queried the Dr when she said one month, but she was adamant. The radiology dept today said that the fertility Dr was wrong and shouldn't have told me that, and they were going to go and tell the fertility dept to stop saying it to people. I expect the two depts are arguing it out now, thanks to me?

DP's explanation was that it is like when you throw Mr Muscle down a drain - a week later it will be fabulous and shiny, a month later it will still be OK but a bit scummy, six months later it will be caked with cooking fat and clumps of hair. I expect in the end it all comes down to funding, and it probably costs them more to try and fit you in so that you can ttc while your pipes are super shiny??

Biscuits yes I had read about the oil/water thing too, though also read that there is more risks of complications with the oil based version.

I totally agree with what Impatient says about the frustrations of going through this. There is not much you can do about nature, but when you are going round in circles because someone has lost your test results, or referred you to the wrong place, it is so maddening!

Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my post everyone.

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