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ttc no2 and finding it HARD

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vikis Mon 08-Aug-11 21:11:51

hi ladies
just joined mumsnet today.. normally on babycentre but need a break..
ttc no 2, 7 months in and 5dpo today, dont think we've cracked it this month - again
gutted isnt the word
how are you all? any tips for relaxing about it?

NinjaChipmunk Mon 08-Aug-11 21:25:26

hello, if you have a good mooch around the threads on this board you'll find quite a few about that very subject!
welcome. I used to be on BC many moons ago until I realised on here I could swear and have an opinion and proper discussions and the like. Haven't looked back since, that was about 4 years ago!

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