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Should I be getting follicle tracking?

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pinkapples Mon 08-Aug-11 20:29:07

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick one for all those on clomid/had ovarian drilling.... I have been reading a few of these threads and a lot of them talk about follicle tracking... This involves a scan so I understand up to once a week, but if i am not ovulating i shouldnt need this (as there would be no follicle/egg?)

On CD5 i think after ovarian drilling (got my days a bit messed up so instead of taking 150mg days 2-6 i am taking on days 3-7 ... I've read this is ok and some ppl take them on diffferent combos of days so not to fussed... :-)

Hope I ovulate this cycle, fingers crossed would love to hear about follicle tracking if anyone knows.... thanks x

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