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Coming off the Pill, can you offer me your experience??

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whenskiesaregrey Sun 07-Aug-11 20:15:11

Came off the Pill last month as TTC#2. AF was now 33 days ago, and still no sign. Have had BFN 8 days ago (blush too eager!!), 5 days ago on 28th day of cycle, and 2 days ago on day 31. Do I just keep testing? From what I can remember, my cycle used to be 28-30 days but fell pregnant in the first month of coming off the Pill last time, so its been a long time since Pill-free. What can I expect in terms of cycle from this month?? TIA.

1sttimetryer Sun 07-Aug-11 20:22:14

Everyone is different, after coming off the pill mine have been crazy, my cycles have been 42days, 48days and 61 and counting, but some people's go back to normal straight away, ive been taking my temperature to save doing tests all the time, i record it on fertility friend, so it told me that i ovulated on day 57 and i now have to wait til 17th before i get either AF or BFP. my doctor said to allow 6months for cycles to return to normal although sometimes it can take up to a year. Good Luck

whenskiesaregrey Sun 07-Aug-11 20:51:23

Thank you.

Up to a year?! <<sob>>

Excuse my ignorance, but if you do not ovulate, do you still have AF?

whenskiesaregrey Sun 07-Aug-11 20:52:17

Ooops, just seen a thread asking that exact question! Ignore!

1sttimetryer Sun 07-Aug-11 21:19:38

you can still have a bleed of some sort even if you dont ovulate. yea there is another thread somewhere about it smile

PollyRoxs Mon 08-Aug-11 21:17:20

I came off mini pill back in June and no signs of af yet. I am finding the whole thing very frustrating. Have had 2bfn as keen to think something maybe happening. I am 37 and only met dh last year, got married recently so ttc#1. I am very aware time isn't on our side. Just got to remain positive and try not to stress about it.

1sttimetryer Mon 08-Aug-11 22:15:54

hi polly i know your not able to do it yet but might be worth taking your temperature every morning as then you can see when you have a temperature rise and after 3days of it being higher you know you have ovulated and should get your AF within 2 weeks, i had my AF 42 days after coming off the pill and spent loads of money on tests, since my last cycle i have been taking my temp and i ov'd on day 57 so i know that my AF is due around next tue, saves on tests and also saves the am i arent i all the time. Its so fustrating when you time everything just right and then your body plays up. good luck and i hope you get AF or BFP soon

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