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Cheapy OV tests going begging

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KnittingKnots Sun 07-Aug-11 14:41:06

Does anyone want 37 ov tests? I bought them from Home Health or whatever it's called, and thanks to a BFP last thursday they need a new home. For anyone who's not sure whether to try them or not, can I just say I think they're great. Yes, they raise expectations and stress levels, but I have cycles lasting anywhere between 50 and 70 days, and without them I know we would have really struggled to get anywhere. So there we are. Message me if you want them and I'll stick them in an envelope. Good luck to everyone and fingers crossed I'll see you all on the preg threads very soon x

1sttimetryer Sun 07-Aug-11 14:55:21

Hi do you mind me asking how long it took you to get your BFP? Im having really long cycles, i believe i ovulated on day 57 this time so looks like it will be a 71 days cycle, seeing you have got pregnant with long cycles, is giving me some hope! x

LittleDragon Mon 08-Aug-11 02:36:57

Hi KnittingKnots do u still have these if so please pm me and I'll reply with my address. I'm on my phone and it won't let me pm you.

Mama5isalive Mon 08-Aug-11 04:32:46

Congrats to you Knittingknots - thats great positive news for the TTC crew!!!!

KnittingKnots Mon 08-Aug-11 10:51:58

Aaargh, I just wrote a really long post and it deleted. Hang on...

KnittingKnots Mon 08-Aug-11 11:16:15

I'm afraid the tests have gone LittleDragon, sorry. Thanks for congratulations, it's still really early days though so I still don't know how excited I should be!! And I haven't really got any symptoms yet so it hasn't really sunk in yet.
1stTimeTryer I came off the pill in January but only had 3 cycles since then. So I guess getting BFP on 3rd cycle is pretty good going – just a shame it's so long between goes!!
I was charting for a while but kept forgetting to take temperature so that didn't work very well, but I still found it quite useful for keeping an eye on how long cycles were and trying to find some sort of pattern. I think cycles were just over a couple of months, so I was doing OV tests every day or two from a couple of weeks after AF onwards. I only got 2 positive OV tests in the whole time – both times because I'd noticed sort of crampy twinges, so tested to see if that was ovulation – which it was!! The first time I know I ovulated we tried and it didn't work. So the next time I got a positive test I kind of chucked myself at DH every night for 3 nights, and that seems to have worked!! I guess that proves there was no problem except really long cycles, fingers crossed the same is true for you. I found it really hard being on here because most of the people on the month buses seem to have really regular short cycles – it's hard to find people with the same thing as you!!
I'm fairly sure that my long cycles were due to coming off the pill. Do you know what's causing yours? Have you been to GP? I went twice and saw 2 different doctors, both of whom were really dismissive and told me it could take a year for cycles to regulate and I shouldn't worry and to come back after a year (don't know about you, but i think a year's quite a long time to be sitting and waiting!). One said "You're only 29, you've got plenty of time", as if it was up to her when I start a family!! It made me quite upset that they treated me like i was being really silly. I know that long cycles is nothing compared to the problems some people have, but doctors must be aware that people have been waiting YEARS to TTC, I think they could have been a bit more sympathetic.
It's also made me swear off the pill for life and I'm gonna tell everyone I know to get off it as soon as they even start thinking about TTC. It actually makes me really cross that no one warns you how long it screws you up for. I looked on the NHS website and all they say is that it might take "some women" a "few months" for cycles to get back to normal! They're so busy trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies, they forget some people want them!!
Rant over! Sorry for huge rambling post. Hope some of that is helpful and lots of luck x

KnittingKnots Mon 08-Aug-11 11:47:31

Hey everyone, I've just posted a long ranty thing kind of on this topic here:
I know it's prob not you want to hear, but it seems the bloody doctors may be right, just got a BFP after coming off Marvelonl in Jan and only having 2/3 bleeds since. I am still furious that no one offers any real advice BEFORE you go on the pill, and then are completely uninterested when you come off and everything's in a muddle. But, for me at least, it seems everything was working fine, it was just taking its sweet time. I know this is more annoying than it is comforting, so sorry, but just thought I'd tell you x

KnittingKnots Mon 08-Aug-11 11:50:16

Ooops, just posted that last message in COMPLETELY the wrong thread, sorry!

1sttimetryer Mon 08-Aug-11 12:47:08

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me Knitting, i came off the pill in march and since then have had 2 periods, have temp'd this cycle and think ive found that i do ovulate, just very late (cd57 this cycle), i have really struggled to find people who are in the same situation, which is why i messaged you. Its really encouraging to know you still got pregnany and on your 3rd cycle. Its so fustrating having such long cycles. Have been to the dr who was actually really nice, probably because she could see i was really worked up and upset. She will do tests in sept. I hate the way dr's say your still young, ive waited 5 years to ttc and i dont want to be waiting any longer thank you!!!! i completely agree with you about the pill, hate it! Was never told the long time effects, really angry i was put on it now. Take care and all the best with your pregnancy. Fingers crossed i will get my bfp soon x

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