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Could thrush delay ovulation????

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goingmadtrying Sat 06-Aug-11 18:37:58

Hi ladies

does anyone know if thrush could delay ovulation??? I had this quite bad during ovulation and didn't notice ewcm until cd29 confused howver wasn't sure if this was left overs from dtdblush.

Currently cd34 and still no af, cycle last month was 37 days but before that averaged 29 days. Had 2 bfn's at cd27 and cd31 but curious as whether af maybe delayed because of this.

Any advice gratefully recieved smile

goingmadtrying Sun 07-Aug-11 08:33:47


kat2504 Sun 07-Aug-11 08:49:22

No, it is highly unlikely that thrush can affect your ovulation. I couldn't say that it is impossible. If you have been unwell other than that, that could have affected your cycle. Ewcm is nothing like leftovers! It looks and feels very different. I would recommend that you use another method of tracking your cycle. Ovulation testing worked great for me. No matter how long my cycle is, I always get the period exactly 14 days after the surge. So I always know if it is late. For most women, the second half of their cycle is reliably constant, it is the first half that changes length. I just used the cheapies off the internet, but in the past I tried a fertility monitor too which was helpful.

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