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Trying everything I can to get pregnant? Anyone want to listen to my crazy ideas?

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maximum123 Sat 06-Aug-11 13:49:39

Hello ladies,

Right enough is enough with this infertility rubbish and ridiculously costly private treatments. So before I part with hard earned cash I am going to try one last attempt at conceiving.

Well woman conception tablets and well man ones too.
Clear blue fertility monitor
Pre seed lubrication to help with keeping the sperm alive longer and help them swim.
A relaxing holiday for two weeks in august

Otherwise it's fertility clinic for me in september, and we already have an appointment.

Are there any other lovely ladies out there willing to give august one last shot before pursuing medical interventions?

We already have one son, aged two and a half and we have been trying to have another for one year.

Anyone else got any conceiving tips to share? obviously doing the deed of sex regularly.

havealittlefaithbaby Sat 06-Aug-11 23:05:48

They all sound very practical (especially the prayers, I'll join in with that one!).
How about grapefruit juice pre-ovulation and pineapple post ovulation?

kat2504 Sun 07-Aug-11 08:02:39

I was going to mention having a shag when I read the title but it seems like you have that one covered!
Really there is nothing more you can do. the vitamins and the holiday are both good for you but they don't increase your chances. If you are having sex on high and peak days on the monitor you are already doing everything you can. Don't waste money on dubious and possibly harmful herbal stuff. the juice stuff is not proven but the vitamin C won't do you any harm!

The docs do advise that eating properly, not being overweight, drinking sensibly, not smoking all improve your fertility but I suspect if you have been trying for a while you have also looked into these areas too. And anyway, we all know plenty of overweight smokers who have got lucky very quickly.

Has your partner ever had a semen analysis?

Bearcrumble Sun 07-Aug-11 11:01:17

I got pregnant with IVF but to start with my DH's sperm wasn't all that - the doc said to cut out hot baths completely. He had cut down on drinking quite a bit but she said no beer/whisky at all - lo and behold 3 months later his sperm count was better than average.

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