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Cycles ttc and copper coil removal.

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Tibbycat Thu 04-Aug-11 12:13:30

Hello All on Mumsnet, I am new today on here and was keen to talk to people in a similar position.  Great to talk to my husband but I don't think he worries like I do!  We are on the cusp of TTC and yesterday I had my copper coil removed.  Incidentally, for anyone about to have one removed, it didn't hurt at all and I felt it was quite uncomfortable fitting it 3 years ago. I was mega worried about it all day yesterday!

Since the time it's been fitted my cycle has been like clockwork and I seem to have all the signs of ovulating.  Anyway, my period was due to start yesterday and the doctor pointed out it was about to start when she was mid-removing the coil.  She explained that the removal was likely to bring on the start of the period.  However, quite the opposite has happened! My period hasn't started and any signs of it started have diminished....really worried now.  Can the removal of just a copper coil mess us your cycle?

Also, since November I have gained 2.5 stones (not ideal I know, incredibly stressful job which I seem to find myself eating my way through crisis's smile)! I'm worried that perhaps as I'm now overweight coincidentally I'm stopping ovulating.

Can anyone else share similar experiences?

razzdazz Thu 04-Aug-11 12:36:01

Hi, I have pcos, so a bit different to you I no. I had a copper coil put in after 4 mc's to give my body a rest. Like you it regulated my cycle. When I had it removed I fell pregnant in the first month which was a total shock as I had required treatment for the previous pregnancies. I am also about 2 stone overweight. I am sure your period will be along soon, the copper coil should not interfere due to it containing no hormones. Good luck and try not to worry too much x

Tibbycat Thu 04-Aug-11 21:04:46

Razzdazz, it started.panicking over nothing! X

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