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Not sure what to make of all this! Help please? =)

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Emmieee Thu 04-Aug-11 11:38:30

Hey everyone =]

I did post on the miscarriage thread but that's gone quiet so I thought this was the right place for me...

And before I start I'm new so not sure on all the abbreviations ? confused help very much appreciated grin

I had a miscarriage last September 4th at around 7 weeks... naturally I was devastated sad since then I have not had a period! Not one bleed or anything the doctors have been pretty unhelpful.. brushing me off asking for help (currently in the middle of re registering with another surgery) one gp did put me on the pill for a month to bring my period bak but after the month I had a very light few day bleed - if u can call it that! And nothing since the pill was only a few months after the mc so it was a while ago.

I decided to go to the family planning clinic for help around 5 weeks ago where they done a preg test... not that I haven't been spending the past 11 months peeing on sticks in the hope that I'm ovulating without periods as it goes no luck as far as I can see envy anyway 2 trips to the clinic 2 thursdays running for preg tests both negative booked me to see the infertility specialist back at the clinic the following week..

the day before I was due to see her I had a spot of blood like when I wiped only a few times which gave me a near on heart attack! but that was short lived but me being a symptom hunter thought maybe its implantation blood?
I told the specialist but also pcos runs in the family and she said it could be that as u get random bleeding with it.. but REALLY? after all this time? she sent me for blood tests anyway and I had to go back the following week for results which I did but they never had them sent through but she then referred me to an infertility clinic at the hospital to go for tests and I'm not sure what else there.. but she said she will get my blood results for when I go there.. I am now just waiting for a letter to go!

since all this... during the past 2 weeks I guess me being consistent on looking for symptoms of pregnancy and weird stuff just happening to me.. now apologies for tmi.. my boobs have gone crazy itchy as well as the nipples skin peeling off and if I squeeze them the right one has had some liquid come out only the past few days a few drops a day and only the right nipple hmm
I do have eczma but never has it been near my chest especially not near my boobs, but the rest of my eczma has gone quite bad lately as well as the palms of my hands and soles of my feet being really itchy.. besides from normal pregnancy symptoms like feeling sick and being tired which I'm sure always come and go I don't know if this is anything to do with what I'm going on about blush my body seems to think half 4 is the normal time to wake up and I've been having odd dreams... a lot about my other half having children with other girls confused

I am a lot younger than a lot of people ttc so I don't think age is an issue really...

SORRY for the long post just wanted anyone to relate to or a bit of reassurance I'm not going crazy obsessing smile

thanks everyone x x

DizzyKipper Thu 04-Aug-11 20:10:38

Hello Emmieee smile

Firstly, some of the abbreviations will be explained on the following link

I'm sorry but I really don't know what to say/suggest regarding your lack of periods and possible PCOS. Hopefully the doctors will be able to get to the bottom of it and not take too longer doing so either! Not having a period for so long and then only having slight bleeds really doesn't sound right. Then again I think I've heard from some women that it has taken up to a year for the body to get itself sorted again after a MC (during my obsessive googling) so maybe that could be it?

Hopefully though those symptoms you've been spotting are actually pregnancy induced and you're about to get your BFP (big fat positive - as an pregnancy result). wink

In the meantime welcome to the board smile

NinjaChipmunk Thu 04-Aug-11 21:53:17

hello emmieee, i am very sorry for your loss. I don't know much about pcos or miscarriages but it sounds like registering with a new gp and also following up with the specialist are the best, most informative things you can do at the moment.
not sure what to make of the other symptoms either, i know that long term ttc can certainly make you think you are having symptoms, when maybe you are simply paying more attention to all the little niggles you would otherwise ignore if you know what i mean? definitely follow things up and don't take no for an answer! I really don't think i can say anything very useful but wanted to say something smile
good luck and welcome!

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