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Short luteal phase panic!

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Mrsctobe Tue 02-Aug-11 12:21:03

My Dh and I have been TTC for only 3 months but whilst I've been monitoring and charting it seems I consistently get a positive OPK on CD16, with AF on CD28. Does this mean I have a short luteal phase and if so is there anything I can do? (e.g. heard many confusing things about vitamin B). Should I go to my GP or will they tell me to keep SWI for another 9 months? What does the NHS generally advise?

(The fact I just got AF may or may not have anything to do with panicky feelings but any advice appreciated!)

PieMistress Tue 02-Aug-11 12:48:26


IMO I don't think this is a problem. I conceived DS with a CD16/CD17 ovulation and AF on CD28 so that meant a luteal phase of 11/12 days. I wish it was back to that as following a m/c i've not got a luteal phase of 8/9 days which is wayyyy too short!

From what i've read 12 - 16 days is 'average'.

I have read that 50mg of B6 can help lengthen a short LP but it should be taken as part of a B vitamin complex (can get in Holland and Barratt). There is a thread on here called the 'Short Luteal Phase Gang' (I think).

I am going to try acupunture to try and lengthen mine and sort my cycles out following my m/c as they've been WTF ever since it happened!

ShowOfHands Tue 02-Aug-11 13:02:08

There are different arguments as to whether short luteal phases are a problem or at what point.

10-16 days is utterly normal so you're well within the average span. And I know plenty of people who have 8/9 day luteal phases and no problems conceiving. Hence the question as to what qualifies as a problem.

The NHS would advise that there's nothing apparently wrong at all and to give it a year. And I'd agree with them. grin

joycep Tue 02-Aug-11 18:31:28

Mrsctobe - don't panic. It's still very early days for you and many people conceive with no problem with a 10/11 day LP. I would say that if you haven't had any luck by 6-8 months, then it may be worth going to chat to your GP because everyone is different and if there is an issue, it's best to find out sooner rather than later. From my experience (i have 10/11day of high temps before AF) I went to see my GP after 9 cycles. I had had an early m/c and I just felt my short LP was an issue. Many things I had read said it should be 12 days or more. However, my GP didn't think it was a problem but sent me off for some blood tests. Everything seemed normal but I went off to see a gynae and as soon as I said I had a 10/11day LP, she said that was a problem and needed to be tweaked. In fact my progesterone levels were normal by nhs standards - it showed ovulation but this gynae said they were low and need to be above 40 (mine were 30). Different things can cause a short LP and Low Progesterone can be just one of the issues.

Anyway, my point is, ttc is stressful enough as it is without the added worry of things like LP especially as it just may not be an issue for you. Carry on as usual and try not to worry about it. If you do find nothing is happening after a while, I would go and get the basic blood tests done just to check your prog levels and other things are all in good order.

Oh and vitamin B6 does work for some people. It didn't for me and my gynae has researched it and says she has found there is no evidence to suggest it works. Although, it can't halm giving it a go.
Acupuncture also really helps people. Again, this didn't work for me either.
People with really short LPs have been put on clomid to sort it out. I was put on it and guess what...that didn't work either - it gave me an 8 day LP!
Now on progesterone supps which seem to help.

Piemistress - my cycles have been WTF since my early m/c a year ago. No one can explain to me why!! bloody infruriating.

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