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Advice required - OVing again??

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PollyRoxs Fri 29-Jul-11 11:30:46

I am in need of a bit of advice as I am new to this TTC lark and my body seems to be playing tricks on me confused.

I came off the mini pill on 17th June and have been waiting for AF ever since. I had some very light spotting earlier this week <breathing a hugh sigh of relief that the SWI can eventually start>. But it never developed into full blown bleed - sorry if TMI. Now this morning I have EWCM, this is the second phase of this since coming off this pill, but without AF appearing. The last time was 30/6, so almost exactly a month ago.

I have been taking my temps for the last 2 weeks and no great changes.

Does this mean I am ovulating again or is my body ticking me??? Ahhhhh the frustration of it all.

ellangirl Fri 29-Jul-11 21:25:54

your body can gear up for ovulation but not ovulate several times in a cycle. I usually ovulate around day 15-16, but last cycle randomly I ovulated at day 29, then got af 2 weeks later. Sooner or later your Af will show up, but even the mini pill can take a while to leave your system.
Good luck with TTC!

PollyRoxs Sat 30-Jul-11 09:10:42

Thanks for the reply. I am just getting frustrated with the waiting. Must just chill out and it will happen.

ellangirl Sat 30-Jul-11 10:00:14

Chilling out is the way to go, though it's hard to do believe me I know!

havealittlefaithbaby Sat 30-Jul-11 12:36:32

I wonder if the spotting was withdrawal bleed and you're now ovulating. It dies take a while to get the pill out of your system. Best advice is just keep swi 3 times a week, hopefully your body will settled down.

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