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I need to know about drugs are being delivered tomorrow and I haven't a fecking clue

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KoolAidKid Thu 28-Jul-11 21:50:49

They're coming in a polystyrene box and I have to store them below 25 oC. This is all I know. I have an appointment next Thursday and they will show me how to take them and then... it starts.

I have NO IDEA about any of this. Honestly. Apart from the basics, which the consultant talked me through, which was something like

"we will give you drugs to produce lots of eggs and then we will knock you out and collect the eggs through your fanjo and then mix them with DHs sperm and make an embryo (hopefully more than one). And then put them in the oven and when they're ready we'll shove them back inside you. through your fanjo"

This is all I know. I'll admit I've been deliberately burying my head in the sand about it all though.

But I think now is the time has come to face reality. So would anyone care to share their experiences?

I'd like to know about all about the drugs - the types, how you take them, how often, side effects...

How many appointments you need. How much time off work I may need.

Er what will happen to my body. What will happen to my mind confused

Just EVERYTHING. Honestly no detail is too small or too trivial. I'd be really grateful.

InTheSunshine Thu 28-Jul-11 21:53:57

Hello KoolAid. I can't help you but I'm going to hang around here as I'm going to need to know all this shiz as well, we just got told today that we are going down the IVF road. Hope you don't mind & best of luck with the drugs grin

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