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TTC with irregular periods

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ATimeTraveller Thu 28-Jul-11 18:18:26

Does anyone else have irregular periods to contend with? I just got my copper coil removed the other day because I've been bleeding almost daily since April. My other half and I decided that we may as well try for a baby (we were originally planning to wait until next year but changed our minds!). How am I supposed to know when I'm ovulating or what? I'm also coming off anti depressants so they could have mucked up my cycle too, is that right?

So basically are we supposed to try and have sex as often as possible? I've never TTC before, though I do have a six year old son, who was a happy accident. I don't know the ins and outs (no pun intended!)

Any advice on how to regulate cycle or what signs to look out for would be great.

1sttimetryer Thu 28-Jul-11 18:24:24

Hi There, i also have really irregular periods, i dont really know how to regulate them to be honest! I came off the pill in march and ive just been told to have sex every other day, if i have no success in the next 5 weeks the dr is going to do blood tests to find out why their irregular. How irregular are yours? so far i had a bleed when i came off the pill and then it was 42 days to the next period, then 48 to the next and im now on day 52 and nothing.
Ive been told to look out for cervical mucus to which is a sign of ovulation.
Have you always been irregular even when you werent on contraceptive?
Good luck smile

ATimeTraveller Thu 28-Jul-11 18:36:57

Thanks for replying!

I used to be pretty regular, but there are a few things I think which may have affected my cycle. The coil, being on anti-ds, starting to exercise more often. I just think it would be typical that when we want to have a baby, it will become difficult to get preggo!

1sttimetryer Thu 28-Jul-11 18:42:35

I was told by the doctor you can be looking at 6 months to go back to normal after having contraceptive so you might just have to give it time.
Ive waited 5 years to start ttc and thought exactly the same thing, come off pill and now really irregular, especially when most of my mates have got pregnant within less than 3 months, so depressing. my friend was on anti-ds and it didnt affect hers, but different ones might have different affects.
Hopefully yours will go back to normal soon. fingers crossed

x2boys Thu 28-Jul-11 21:11:07

I have always had very irregular peiods i basically have know idea when i am going to have a period have pcos but when i tried to conceive ds1 we just had regular sex and we were very lucky and got pregnant witin a few weeks with ds2 we again had regular sex but it took twelve months dont know if that helps but it is possible

littlewheel Thu 28-Jul-11 22:17:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lollystix Thu 28-Jul-11 22:39:08

I could go anywhere between 6-10 weeks for a period. Actually saw dr. Before I started trying as so paranoid it would take me years. Anyway didn't prove an issue. Ds1 was month 1, ds2 was month 2, ds 3 was month 1 again and ds4 is in progress and is the immaculate conception as I haven't had a period for 25 months now and not having that much sex. Just luck of the draw I think on conception. Bizarrely periods got much more regular after each baby.

1sttimetryer Fri 29-Jul-11 06:50:17

Its really good to hear that other people also have always had irregular periods and still got pregnant, i was begining to lose hope, i have to go for tests in september and have searched on line for positive outcomes but with no luck, so im glad this thread was started, knowing you can get pregnant with irregular periods has given me some hope. On cd 53 currently(my longest cycle yet) so had got my hopes up a little bit that i could be pregnant, but test is negative sad
Had a lot of symptons aswell, i supose im not out til i get AF, so theres hope yet! Im sure my body is trying to fool me, got sore boobs that look swollen, loads of cramping and lower back pain, twinges and tugging/pulling sensations in my tummy, bleeding gums etc, so if AF hasnt arrived by monday i will do another test!

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