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Brown discharge / when counts as first day of period

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FloydieDoydie Thu 28-Jul-11 12:24:00

I could really separate the two issues so am combining into one topic. Basicially, when do you count as the first day of your period? I have brown discharge for about a day before proper red blood, so I don't know whether to count this or not.

I have just come off the pill for the first time in 16 years (went on it at 16) and all through then I had brown discharge for about a day first. I would class this as the start of my period and use a tampon, red blood appearing about a day later.

Now I've come off the pill, had the withdrawal bleed and started TTC this month. So I want to know when to start counting from. The brown arrived today, so I assume AF is here properly tomorrow?

Thoughts...? smile

Figaro82 Thu 28-Jul-11 12:28:37

Your meant to count it from the first day of your proper bleed, so I would say this will be tomorrow for you. Good luck! x

janedoe25 Thu 28-Jul-11 12:39:06

I would like to know the answer to this too, my last AF i had brown/light pink blood for 4 days before the proper red bleed which only lasted for 2 days confused. This TTC is so confusing!

Pipbin Thu 28-Jul-11 16:04:02

I understood that day one is the first day when you need to use a tampon or full size towel rather than a pantyliner.

goingmadtrying Thu 28-Jul-11 17:23:19

I would say it's fr your first day of bleeding not discharge
hth x

Quenelle Thu 28-Jul-11 17:25:18

I wait for actual red flow.

SlightlyBabyCrazed Thu 28-Jul-11 17:38:00

Day one is your first full day of bleeding - ie. from waking up. Colour is a little irrelevant.

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