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Got to have some dental treatment ... do i have to wait to ttc?

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monkeypuzzeltree Wed 27-Jul-11 22:07:55

Totally fed up, have waited to TTC dc2 and while i know that a month won't make a lot of difference and these things can take time, am totally fed up that i now have to have some dental treatment in a couple of weeks - yippee root canal, so does this mean i need to wait until after that to TTC? Have such ridiculous fear of dentist but am facing this head on, just so fed up.

Sorry am in whingy pants mood as was so excited at prospect of kicking off the TTC again and now i'll miss the crucial time as will be just before my treatment! Anyone had treatment while pregnant? That is assuming I got first time lucky ..ha, ha. ha..

havealittlefaithbaby Thu 28-Jul-11 06:31:54

I shouldn't think you have to wait. If the treatment comes in the 2ww you can just say 'there's a possibility I'm pregnant'. Mostly issues with dentistry comes down to risk from xrays I think...someone else may have more info though.

blacktreaclecat Thu 28-Jul-11 07:07:35

Impossible to do root canal without xrays! If you were actually pg it would be best to delay treatment until after, apart from urgent treatment to relieve pain.

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