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Cheaper alternative to Pregnacare / Wellman male conception vitamins?

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Biscuitsandtea Wed 27-Jul-11 20:31:19

Evening ladies,

Just wondered if anyone could recommend a cheaper alternative to the male part of the Pregnancare conception vits (or the wellman ones which are the same thing?)

DH and I were taking the his n hers ones while ttc and since we have just got a bfp I think I'll maybe move on to one of those with fish oil and stuff in too Anyway, DH was taking them and it coincided with a really good improvement in his sperm motility and just in case this goes the wrong way, I don't want him to stop taking the vits yet. It seems a small price to pay if I can go to the trouble of growing a baby smile

However, since they are sooooo expensive, I wondered if anyone knew if there was a cheaper alternative that would do broadly the same thing? I don't know if perhaps a 'non-conception-specific' one would have broadly the same contents? Or if there is some sort of own brand alternative that might just make sure his swimmers remain in tip top form?

Any thoughts gratefully received.

havealittlefaithbaby Wed 27-Jul-11 21:59:17

I think they are much of a muchness. Try looking at the ingredients, I.reckon Boots own are almost identical but half the price!

Biscuitsandtea Wed 27-Jul-11 22:46:01

Thanks Have. Do you know which ingredients are most important for swimming ability? Or should I invest I'n some miniature armbands and woggles for them? grin

havealittlefaithbaby Wed 27-Jul-11 22:49:32

From my past internet trawling he needs a good multivitamin with zinc and ginseng!

Biscuitsandtea Thu 28-Jul-11 07:33:58

Thanks Have xx

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