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Total OPK confusion

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BramfieldWren Wed 27-Jul-11 13:35:18

Hi, my first baby came as a surprise, so this TTC for our number 2 is new to us. My cycle is all over the shop so I've been having acupuncture to try and regulate ovulation.

I had a +OPK last month but then got AF 10 days later (1st day was 6th July) so we clearly missed that egg!

I then got a +OPK last wednesday...thought great and got on it. I've had cramps and nausea all week. I then got another +OPK yesterday morning and I'm really confused. My HB is tired because we really tried all last week so I'm worried we've missed this second opportunity. We BD last night and Sunday night but I reckon the swimmers are tired.

Trying to stay chilled but it's not easy at all! No idea now whether to continue doing OPK tests or what. Has anyone else experienced something like this?? Still have cramps, nausea etc.

eurochick Wed 27-Jul-11 13:42:40

Have you done a pregnancy test?

BramfieldWren Wed 27-Jul-11 13:45:52

The doctor did a pee one y'day and it was negative sad

BramfieldWren Thu 28-Jul-11 09:27:56

Another positive OPK this morning...baffled

LIG1979 Thu 28-Jul-11 11:36:11

Have you done another pg test? The opk can pick up LH which predicts ovulation however it also picks up HCG when you are pregnant. So it could be a BFP. It could depend on the sensitivity of the opk tests you have and the sensitvity of the pg test the doctor did.

The other possibility for a positive opk (which isn't so good) is polycystic ovaries. This can cause the LH to surge at other times of the month or all month and isn't linked to ovulation. Also, if you opk is very sensitive it could be picking up the low levels of LH that you have throughout the month.

Good luck x

BramfieldWren Fri 05-Aug-11 23:46:20

Hi, thanks for advice, been on hols and had another positive opk last Thursday and then all the cramps and nausea died down. I'm thinking I was too stressed and my body kept trying to release and then didnt until I was away and relaxed. Did a pg test on Thursday and was neg so this might confirm my theory. Will just wait over the next week!

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