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Random Charting question

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BeamReach Tue 26-Jul-11 22:02:47


I feel a bit self conscious about starting a thread, But didn't just want to barge onto the charting thread and ask, so figured I might ask then my slightly TMI question can disappear into the mists of oblivion... also is all a bit long...

Have been TTC somewhat randomly over the last few months as me and my DP work in different cities 2.5 hours apart, timing has often not been brilliant re: SWI around ovulation since I have a ruthless 27-29 day cycle in which fertility friend shows ovulation hovers around a wedensday/thursday/friday every month. This really isn't very helpful makes me want to howl as we only manage SWI on weekends/ monday morning at latest/ friday evening earliest... never ever works out safely within the fertile window. I am plotting some romantic mid-week mid-distance city trysts if said situation continues maybe if it doesn't just for fun!

But as this may only be sporadically possible (due to horridly long work days mid week) in the meantime I am working on trying to improve the EWCM duration as although I have noticed plenty in the past since I have been charting at my advanced age of 37 it is a bit short lived (a day or 2).

I have started taking evening primrose oil pre-ovulation, cut down on caffeine and am drinking more water. In future I will try all the other stuff like flax seed, grapefruit juice etc

Since taking evening primrose oil instead of going from usual sticky to creamy to watery to very typical EWCM each month, I seem to go from creamy to a sorta mix between creamy and EWCM... a bit jelly like, but cloudy and not that stretchy.... but true EWCM/ watery still only for a day or so...

Am I kidding myself that I am making a difference? what would you chart this as? also, has anyone else found Evening primrose oil brings forward ovulation by a couple of days?

Sorry for excess of detail and TMI...Sorta want everyone to say yes I am so I have an excuse to book posh hotel room for romantic tryst sod it who needs and excuse

eurochick Tue 26-Jul-11 22:59:44

I only get EWCM for one day usually. I've tried grapefruit juice and haven't really noticed a difference. Sorry!

BeamReach Tue 26-Jul-11 23:53:17

cheers eurochick... though well done because egads, have bought some grapefruit juice today and it is VILE though this maybe cos it was £3 for 3 cartons in the CO-OP cos was too cheapskate to buy Marks and Sparks pink and shiny diamond studded grapefruit juice

I think can put down increased jellyfication to evening primrose...

galwaygal Wed 27-Jul-11 11:30:36

Although preferable to swi when ewcm is there and as close as possible to ov, it is still possible to get pregnant in non-ideal situations.

Firstly when you are SWI the weekend / monday before ov, then try using preseed, it will help mimic ewcm and give those spermies a chance to hit destination. Sperm can live for upto 7 days, so SWI on a monday should be easily sufficient to cover to thursday, and oving on a friday will be covered by swi on the friday..... does this make sence?

I am sure you are, but just checking that you are stopping the EPO after ov?

As for what to chart your new non-stretchy jelly like, I would put it down as sticky!

I think you would do well with preseed having never used it myself!

And enjoy your mid-week naughty time grin

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