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breakthrough bleeding

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DizzyKipper Tue 26-Jul-11 14:55:46

Has anyone had experience of this? Did it come before, after, or when your period was due? Was it heavy/light? How long did it go on for?

My period was early (which for me is actually extremely odd - even with the worst stressors happening in my life it bounces back straight away to that precise 28 day cycle), but it's heavier than just spotting. So I guess it's AH, but figured I may as well explore my other options before resigning myself to another cycle gone by. Any experiences on breakthrough bleeding would be appreciated smile

fancyferret Tue 26-Jul-11 16:03:02

Hi, watching this thread with interest as having very similar symptoms this month (since starting to TTC!!). My cycle is always quite regular 28-32 days, this month though I have started one week early with dark bleeding heavier than spotting but not full blown period its really odd. Do you have any other AF symptoms or cramping? Could it be an implantation bleed? I suspect mine is an early bizarre period as negative PT but going to give things another few days and see what happens.

Hope this posts ok - first time poster smile

goingmadtrying Tue 26-Jul-11 16:51:35

Hi ladies hope you get some answers soon, my experience with breakthrough bleeding was in both prev pg had this at 8 weeks pg so when af would have been due, if it's early more of a chance of implantation as this tends to happen a week before ishsmile hopefully you'll get an answer soon x

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