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Cant stand the wait!

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Sillyshell Tue 26-Jul-11 13:26:14

I'm due on in two days and am utterly convienced that I've done it this time. I keep going dizzy, I weeing for england and can hardly keep my eyes open I'm so tired. DH even said the other day that I have a glow about me and he thinks I'm pregnant and he doesnt usually comment. Am going to be so gutted if I'm not!

saltyair Tue 26-Jul-11 13:59:49


DizzyKipper Tue 26-Jul-11 14:46:23

Agreed, POAS!

Sillyshell Tue 26-Jul-11 14:48:16

I was thinking about getting a test on the way home, but I've done it before and I come on a day later so feel like I would be jinxing myself!

lauraloo09 Tue 26-Jul-11 14:54:52

POAS!!!!! fingers crossed for you xx

twobecomethree Tue 26-Jul-11 20:29:15

Argh I know that feeling, I think you've got to poas too! I know you don't want to jinx it but equally you don't want to be going through the uncertainty and wonderings in your mind over+over! Make sure you come back+let us know the outcome. FX for a BFP for you!

havealittlefaithbaby Tue 26-Jul-11 20:56:45

Yeah you know you're either upduffed it not by now! Poas won't jinx it! Go on. We're all curious now!

Sillyshell Wed 27-Jul-11 10:40:28

Havent done it yet but woke up with a belly ache so think AF is on her way! Thank you ladies but think I spoke too soon. x

Sillyshell Thu 28-Jul-11 09:04:43

Out again this month, AF arrived this morning. Boo!! Oh well, there's always next month.

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