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What happens if?

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pinkapples Mon 25-Jul-11 21:26:12

Anyone had any experience not being able to have children? I know it is a sensitive subject and the thought of it just upsets me but I just wondered about time scales, when to give up/after how long trying? On advice of doctors and if anyone has, what other routes to take.

I have pcos and so far nothing seems to be going as it should. Granted dh and I have only been in treatment for 9 months but have been SWI for 5 years with no joy (didn't seek help before that as we were unmarried and parents are very traditional) now married and although happy we are having treatment (we are both late 20's - I know still young compared to others on here) a little worried if it never happens? I know... Try to stay positive, but I just wondered...

Any thoughts?

PicknMix Mon 25-Jul-11 22:40:39

Hi Pinkapples,

We've been ttc for 5yrs now as well; have that delightful 'unexplained infertility' diagnosis! Also have slight PCOS apparently.

I can't really offer any advice as I am nowhere near giving up just yet BUT the thought does cross my mind constantly and I still haven't come up with a 'we will stop when......' date.

When we started down the infertility/hospital route I told my husband that I didn't really want to interfere with nature.

And then I started a course of clomid.

And then I had 3 rounds of IUI.

And now I'm on the IVF waiting list.

Hence why I'm no good at offering advice - my goalposts change all the time!!

Just didn't want to leave your post unanswered, hope someone with a bit of experience will be along soon.

Take care


pinkapples Mon 25-Jul-11 22:50:11

Thanks... We're not giving up either yet, dh is very positive still which just shocks me over and over... Had 5 rounds of Clomid and just last week had an ovarian diathermy which I am recovering from... Not sure what's next but I'm sure they'll think of something. Good luck with the ov'd do you know how long you'll be waiting??

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