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Fertility Treatment in West Sussex

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PicknMix Mon 25-Jul-11 20:37:05

Hi All,

Ive been on the 'books' at St Richards in Chichester for over 3yrs now. I've had 3 rounds of IUI with them (2 successful but both ended in mc, last IUI was summer 2010) and now I'm waiting to start IVF.

I've had real difficulties getting any info out of them for ages now, was told I wouldn't make the IVF waiting list due to cut backs (at my appt last December 2011) but that they would call me in March to confirm.

I heard nothing so I rang them in May and spoke to my consultants secretary - she told me I WAS on the waiting list and I should expect treatment in August/September.

I still haven't had any written confirmation so I rang the clinic again today and spoke to someone who told me I just had to wait and they would be in contact when they had an appointment for me.

After 5yrs ttc and 4 mc I'm reaching the stage where I just want to have a proper conversation with someone at the hospital to find out whats going on but I don't feel I can as they are so busy and told me not to call ("don't call us, we'll call you").

I appreciate just how stressed the unit is but I am getting increasingly worked up about the lack of communication and I just wondered if it's standard practice within the NHS? Has anyone else has had a similar experience? With either St Richards or their own hospital?

Thanks in advance


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