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Saying hello

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desperateoldie67 Mon 25-Jul-11 09:50:20

Hello all. Just joined MN. Am 43 and just started ttc (well, about 4-5 months ago). Need to take it a bit more seriously, I know, as haven't really been charting or anything. I think I hoped it would just 'happen'. Ha! So I'm here, and look forward to chatting to other ladies trying to become mums.

Never wanted children until I met my current partner - I sure have kissed a lot of frogs - but now that I have, I'm hoping that my eggs aren't past their sell by date! grin

Dragini Mon 25-Jul-11 11:30:08

Hello DO67 and best of luck - I too have had lots of fun with the frogs over the years and also now hoping I've not left it too late to settle down and be a grown up, now I've met and married my DH. 4 Months ttc isn't really anything to worry about but keep an eye on it and don't be afiard to pop off to your gp (and get shirty if you need to!) if things don't start moving soon x

desperateoldie67 Mon 25-Jul-11 11:44:42

Thanks Dragini. I'd like to say I had fun with the frogs, but mostly they were idiots!

It's amazing to meet someone at last who, at 14 years younger than me, is more mature than any of the men I've met who have been my own age or older! I know he's 'the one' (feel free to go ahead and reach for the vomit bucket) and now all I want is a child. But not just any child, HIS child.

I never wanted a child at all. I got accidentally pregnant at 18 and had a termination, which was the right thing to do at the time, but utterly awful all the same.

Now, it would be horrible if after all these years of trying not to get pregnant, I find I can't when I truly want to sad

havealittlefaithbaby Mon 25-Jul-11 19:00:26

Hello! Welcome! I agree with yoy actually don't start charting unless you think.there is a pr

havealittlefaithbaby Mon 25-Jul-11 19:04:25

Hello! Welcome! I agree with yoy actually don't start charting unless you think.there is a problem. It can cause unnecessary stress. I didn't start until I started to think I wasn't ovulating. In, charting helped me identify that I was ovulating and helped me work out when to get some of my bloods done.
I completely understand your feelings, I was meticulously taking the pill for so long. Now been ttc 19 months, no.bfp so far! Wish I'd never bothered hmm
All the best ttc!

desperateoldie67 Mon 25-Jul-11 20:04:26

Awwww thanks havealittlefaithbaby.

I decided that I AM going to chart this month - I think I just want to have a look see if I am actually ovulating - it would all be a bit on the depressing side if I wasn't, but at least I'd know and could maybe address it with the doc.

I'd like to be able to say I'm fit and healthy too, but sadly no! Pretty overweight to be honest, and just quitting smoking - really wish I'd never started that particular vice sad On the plus side, I do have a healthy diet. On the minus side, I have manic depression which is a worry. I'm OK at the moment but it has been another reason I talked myself out of having children all those years ago - I didn't know what was wrong with me. Now I do, and I know it's manageable. Yes it's a tough decision to make to have a child when you could potentially pass something on, but there's no certainty that I would, and I wouldn't swap my life, it's just made it a little more challenging is all (OK, quite a lot), but there have certainly been a lot of laughs along the way smile

Blimey, I've just read this back and it doesn't look very shiny and positive, does it! LOL!

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