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Can we have an idiots guide to conception plese?

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codswallop Mon 13-Oct-03 20:12:04

Have just been on MSN with a friend Ttc. SHe is (self admittedly) NOT clued up and I cant remmeber all the dates and things

eg Is it Day 12 - 16 normallY?

Frenchgirl Mon 13-Oct-03 20:14:09

According to me, yes it is. If you listen to dh, 1 to 28

Eeek Mon 13-Oct-03 20:14:20

my ivf consultant suggested twice a day (with no more than a 2 hour gap between attempts ) for the 8 days before ovulation. He said the sperm count is higher for the second time than the first. Tell her to have fun!

codswallop Mon 13-Oct-03 20:16:36

Before? wow. and when is ovulation then? 12 - 16 days as I said?

codswallop Mon 13-Oct-03 20:17:02

shes logged on to look.

codswallop Mon 13-Oct-03 20:17:44

I advocate the legs up after method - is this old wives tale and a way of making you look really stoopid?

Eeek Mon 13-Oct-03 20:17:49

depends on the cycle but I think so. would she consider a persona to see when she's on?

wow- yes, we found it a bit daunting!

Tom Mon 13-Oct-03 20:18:27

Couldn't help but smirk at this thread's title

codswallop Mon 13-Oct-03 20:19:06

she is far from aN idiot, thats what making us giggle!!

Eeek Mon 13-Oct-03 20:20:02

he said that because it takes time for the sperm to travel up the tubes (I always imagined a British Rail type service) you'll miss it if you wait for the actual ovulation - you need to get there in advance.

codswallop Mon 13-Oct-03 20:21:09

eek you made me laugh

Eeek Mon 13-Oct-03 20:32:36

my work is done! off to bed soon ready for tonight's scream-fest

fio2 Mon 13-Oct-03 21:17:48

bum up on a pillow after

Nerthus Wed 15-Oct-03 17:13:04

Sorry to interrupt but can't help it - TWICE a day for eight days? Dear God. Is this the accepted wisdom? Am suddenly feeling very inadequate.

We normally do it every other night, but have been feeling extra diligence was in order as we've been trying so long, so have been At It once every night for the last week. I'm knackered. Even my DH, normally no slouch in this department , is starting to eye the bedroom with a jaded look in his eye...

dadslib Wed 15-Oct-03 17:24:16

Message withdrawn

Freddiecat Wed 15-Oct-03 17:25:34

Do you have to do it when you are ovulating? I have a really painful ovulation at the moment and it's the last thing I want to do (would definitely be a duty sh*g)

fisil Wed 15-Oct-03 18:14:44

Freddiecat - I do too, which I use as my guide (no need for kits for me unfortunately - I KNOW when I'm ovulating!). The worst pain is usually only about 12 hours long, so we usually go for just after - if very organised we manage just before!

aloha Wed 15-Oct-03 19:23:27

You can get pregnant at any time - my friend got pregnant the day after her period ended with what she described as 'half a shag' the week she came off the pill. Every other day is the wisdom from the drs I have talked to. How very tiring that sounds!

motherinferior Wed 15-Oct-03 20:37:49

Thank god I don't want any more children...

twiglett Fri 17-Oct-03 17:11:01

message withdrawn

zippy539 Fri 17-Oct-03 18:55:02

Some women don't ovulate until later in the cycle (ie day 18/19/20 etc). I only discovered this after three years of fruitless dutiful shagging around day 14 (turned out I was ovulating on day 19 by which time neither of us had the strength to even THINK about sex ). If you have a long/unpredictable cycle or have been trying a while it is worth getting an ovulation kit as twiglett suggests - or chart your temps (much cheaper option though can become obsessive) . I think the best book on the subject is Toni Weschler's 'Taking Charge of your fertility'.

Katelyn Mon 01-Oct-07 09:47:59

Normally you 'ovulate' on day 14, 15 or 16 after the FIRST day of your period.

So that you dont miss 'your' day....have intercourse every other day (sperm lasts max 48 hours) and you're halfway there...

Good luck!

EricL Mon 01-Oct-07 09:50:15

Message withdrawn?

Is this not the opposite of conception?

Some use you lot are at giving advice......

Jeez...... grin

NotAnOtter Mon 01-Oct-07 09:58:16

lol eric

my fertility consultant told us to stop doing it eveyday and do it every second = WHO guildlines

that two hourly thing sounds like bull!

ManxMum Mon 01-Oct-07 10:10:14

I was told that the mucus test was quite reliable. Mucus should be 'egg white' like which should show imminent ovulation.
I also have very painful ovulation, went to hospital for suspected appendicitis on more than one occasion and Dr's said it was possibly cysts and underdeveloped eggs.

I then fell pg when I least expected it!

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