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TTC with BMI of 31 - yay or nay?

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TheWolfpack Fri 22-Jul-11 14:56:44

Since having my ds 3 years ago, I have put on 1 and a half stone. I was already about 1.5 stone overweight then, which leaves me with 3 stone + to lose.

I have trying to lose it for the past few years, but I only seem to lose half a stone, then put a few lbs back on, then lose a few so getting nowhere fast.

I've tried going to the gym, weight watchers, MFP, Cambridge, 30 Day Shred etc but I don't seem to be able to stick at anything.

I eat relatively healthily anyway, and have had blood tests on my thyroid etc which showed nothing.

Anyway, I'm making excuses I know, but I really would like another baby, and I don't want there to be too big an age gap between my ds and the next one.

Would it be nuts to consider trying?

I've been pregnant twice and both times I had horrendous morning sickness and actually lost a lot of weight at the beginning, so I figure that if it follows that pattern then I might not end up putting that much on.

Am I out of my mind? Just very broody blush.

munstersmum Fri 22-Jul-11 14:57:58

Go for it, eat healthily & good luck.

TheWolfpack Fri 22-Jul-11 15:03:33

I should add that at least a stone of that weight is boobs blush.

havealittlefaithbaby Fri 22-Jul-11 16:34:25

I'm hovering around 30, working on losing weight while ttc. There's a thread about losing weight HERE if you wanna join us!
Were you a healthy bmi last time you ttc'd?

TheWolfpack Fri 22-Jul-11 18:00:26

I had a BMI of 26 last time I TTC so I was slightly overweight, but I've always been "booby" so a lot of the weight was probably in them, making me at the far end of normal BMI.

Thanks I will look at that thread smile.

EsmeWeatherwax Fri 22-Jul-11 18:18:35

I'd go for it if you want too. Just try and eat/live as healthy as you can. Fwiw, my bmi is very much higher than yours, and I'm pg for the third time having gone through both previous pregnancies with a high bmi. (36, btw) no more problems than others, and any I did have, suspect could be the same no matter what mybmi was! I.e bad nausea and spd.

birdofthenorth Fri 22-Jul-11 18:37:58

Go for it! Age is an issue too so no harm trying now, if it takes you 3 years to lose 3 stone you will be 3 years older!! Eat heathily good luck. I am in similar situation myself (off to google my current BMI!)

BooBooGlass Fri 22-Jul-11 18:45:30

There's no reason you can't ttc and lose weight at the same time. Fwiw, my BMI was 31 after pregnancy and it was quite horrid actually. It made everything such an effort. But I pile on weight in pregnancy and find it physically very difficult once I reach about 5 or 6 months. I can't help but feel if I were lighter during pregnancy it would actually make the whole process much much easier. I don't lose weight when bfing either, I continue to gain, which has left me with a good 4 or 5 stone to lose every time. But it's worth it. If I do ever have another baby, I hope I'm fortunate enough to start at my present BMI of about 22 -23 and keep the weight gain to a minimum.

birdofthenorth Fri 22-Jul-11 18:55:47

Well mine is 29 & I am TTC... let's eat sensibly & hope for the best!

BrokenBananaTantrum Fri 22-Jul-11 19:01:45

I conceived DD when I had a bmi of 37. I gained half a stone throughout the whole pregnancy as I had a really good reason to eat healthy food whilst pg and so found it easy to eat properly. Go for it and good luck!

TheWolfpack Fri 22-Jul-11 19:49:58

Thanks for all the positive advice and feedback.

It never really never entered my head that I could lose weight while ttc as both other times I fell pregnant immediately! Though I know that it will probably be harder now that I am clinically obese shock and getting older.

I think I will try and lose a bit before we start - we're going on holiday in a few weeks so I think I'll wait until after that.

Good luck everyone else!

havealittlefaithbaby Fri 22-Jul-11 20:36:52

In fact each time af arrives I think 'ok one more month to lose more weight'. Best motivator I've ever had to lose weight smile

bilblio Thu 04-Aug-11 20:43:32

I conceived DD the first month of trying. I'm not sure what my BMI was, over 30 definitely, I suspect I lost weight while I was pregnant because I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans 2 weeks after she was born.

When she was 2 I saw some horrendous holiday photos, where I was wearing maternity shorts (which in my defence were too small for me when I was pregnant.) I plucked up the courage to join slimming world and lost 3 stones in 14 months. I'd always said I ate healthily, but SW proved how much fat and sugar I really ate.

The weight started to creep back on around Christmas time so I went back to SW. I stopped gaining weight, but couldn't seem to lose it, got very frustrated... then realise I was pregnant again. grin

There were a few pregnant people in my group, and they did still lose weight because they were eating healthily.

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