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Sex the day after lap+dye and ovarian drilling?

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CleanSheetsAndSmoothLegs Fri 22-Jul-11 07:09:23

Doctors said "In a few days, when the bleeding has stopped, when you feel ready." I've woken this morning feeling absolutely fine, with no more bleeding, and as though gentle sex wouldn't be a problem at all, with a careful choice of position.

Has anyone done this so quickly, and are there any internal sort of medical reasons why I shouldn't?

blacktreaclecat Fri 22-Jul-11 07:22:27

We waited a week but my post op bleeding turned into the heaviest af ever so that was why.
Just be careful of your stitches!

CleanSheetsAndSmoothLegs Fri 22-Jul-11 07:31:37

Thanks blacktreaclecat. The op took place in between my last period and this cycle's potential ovulation date, so I don't want to miss it!

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