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Natural/mild IVF - Create vs CRGH ?

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sparksagainstsky Thu 21-Jul-11 10:33:55

So we are due to have an initial consultation at CRGH next week. My husband has poor sperm motility + morphology so we are very unlikely to conceive naturally. All seems to be ok with me apart from age (37). We have decided not to pursue standard IVF treatment and go for natural/mild IVF.

There seem to be only two clinics in London that do it - Create and CRGH. I chose CRGH as they seem a bit more organised and have very good success rates for standard IVF so the lab side of things must be good. However they are quite expensive compared to Create.

Has anyone had any experience with natural ivf at these clinics ? Any views very gratefully received !

leemoo Sat 13-Aug-11 12:58:40

I had mild IVF at Create. I too was worried about the success rates - but on looking into it all further found that Create do not cherry pick their patients, and accept patients who would have been turned down elsewhere. So I actually went with Create in the end, as I really liked Geeta Nargund, and her beliefs.

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