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Increasingly erratic cycles - WHYYY???

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munki Wed 20-Jul-11 22:27:30

Just looking for any advice really, am at a loss. Been ttc for 12 months now - Woop! Now we can go to the GP! (insert slightly mad-eyed smile and nervous tic)

I think I may actually have a nervous breakdown before I even make it there, though, because my cycles have gone mental. Have just started spotting at 11dpo, so this month is 26 days (and my GP appointment which was cunningly timed to be on CD3 so I could hopefully have bloods done then and there is now at totally the wrong time).

For the first eight months of ttc (and in fact since age 12) cycles have always been 28/29 days. Then this month is 26, last month was 30, month before also 26.

Why, WHYYY is this happening? I think I might have a touch of PCOS (hairy chin) but it hasn't stopped me getting pregnant before and I've just lost a bit of weight - so should be improving?!

Sorry for the long and slightly hysterical post, this is really getting to me now!!!

sims2fan Thu 21-Jul-11 02:06:08

Could it be because you're getting more and more stressed about ttc and that's affecting your cycle? I have only been ttc for a few months, so didn't properly keep track of dates before that but I'm pretty sure that my cycle was always 28 days. When I started ttc I began obsessing over imaginary symptoms, and for the next 2 months my cycle was about 33 days. Purely, I think, because I was thinking about getting pregnant too much. The next month I knew I couldn't be pregnant, because we'd had 2 sets of visitors and live in a small flat so didn't ttc, and sure enough that month I was back to 28 days. We've tried again this month, and I'm really trying not to stress over it so that my cycle stays at 28 days!

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