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Anyone studied for or planning to study for a PhD, whilst ttc or with a baby already?

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AstroNess Wed 20-Jul-11 21:35:45

Hi ladies,

I know this is not strictly about conception, but I just wanted to let out a little squeal of excitement. I've been shortlisted for a PhD interview the week after next and I'm super excited/nervous/anxious.

We're currently ttc #1 and this is my first cycle. AF due next week. So, this is a nice thing to take my mind off symptom spotting.

I'm wondering if anyone has any general experience of ttc whilst doing a PhD etc? Also, any interview tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help

PiggyMad Wed 20-Jul-11 22:11:09

I'm currently in my third year of a PhD and we're on our fourth month of ttc.

My funding runs out in Feb and I will need the writing up year to complete, so money will be a bit tight if and when I do become pregnant, but I decided that I don't want to wait anymore. I think so many people put their lives on hold when they do a PhD and I need the work-life balance a bit more, I think.

Good luck for your interview - no tips other than to have a clear idea of what your project is and the research questions are and your methodology (not that it matters in the long run as they seem to change so much from what you set out to do initially!)

maybebabyR Thu 21-Jul-11 10:55:58

Hi Astro I too am in my third year of a 4 year PhD, and am on the 5th month of TTC. I also know people who have had babies through their PhD, so it can be done! DH and I just didn't want to wait anymore. So many people have told us that there is never 'a right time' to have kids, and that we will manage.

As far as the interview goes, I suppose it depends in what field you are going into. Mine is science, and questions were mainly about what I had done for my undergrad, and my research project then, why I would be suitable, lomg term career prospects etc. Was never really asked about what project I would like to do, as first year was spent trying out 3 different ones!

Very good luck with both TTC and the PhD!

AstroNess Thu 21-Jul-11 11:49:35

Hi both,

Thanks for the replies.
The project is already set out (i think), as is the funding. So, maybe my interview will be more like what you describe maybe.
I'm a bit worried that I'll be going on mat leave in the first year (potentially), but I know the funding covers this. Although, I can't imagine the supervisor would be too chuffed though.
The subject is also science-related.

maybebabyR Thu 21-Jul-11 12:04:56

I think the same about my supervisor too Astro but as my friend pointed out to me, there really is nothing they can say! Plus, whilst you can't be in the lab (I'm guessing you may be lab based) there is still some stuff you can do from home smile

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