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A mysterious phone call from the GP..

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knitterati Wed 20-Jul-11 19:33:17

Ok, so I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of months ago after one AWOL AF and not a sniff of a BFP in 7 months. The doctors have been amazing and referred me to a gynae/fertility specialist and I got a letter last week for an appt in October. (v happy with this as I can only imagine what pressures the NHS is under)

So far so good. Today, I had a call from the doctor - GP (Annoyingly, I had to put it to voicemail because I was in a meeting at work), asking me to book in for a phone consultation with her, and she made it sound as though the specialist had requested that I have this appt with the GP.

So I called back and of course, missed the GP. I then booked in for this mysterious phone consultation, but not till Friday afternoon. In the meantime, my mind is racing and I'm worrying and sending myself silly.

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have any experience of things a GP would want to discuss, pre-seeing a specialist??!
Already had one sample of bloods done, an ultrasound scan. What else could it be?

Argh! Sending myself mad!

eurochick Wed 20-Jul-11 19:52:55

Has your partner been tested? A lot gynaes require that before they see you I think.

havealittlefaithbaby Wed 20-Jul-11 19:56:59

Might want to do more bloods, has it been a while since your last lot? I work in.outpatients and the docs I work with like up to date bloods.

timetosmile Wed 20-Jul-11 20:01:15

prob more bloods, or partner testing, or discuss starting you on some kind of medication, which the specialist could then review at outpatients? Could just be an admin thing re your correct DOB/address on records..wouldn't send yourself mad!

knitterati Thu 21-Jul-11 19:01:58

Thanks ladies - you're all probably right. DH hasn't done the SA yet and maybe some fresh bloods (though they were only done a month ago). If it was that, I'm just surprised it was the GP who called, rather than the receptionist...maybe a quiet day at the office?! wink

All will be revealed tomorrow afternoon, so I'll just need to be patient! grin

BartletForAmerica Thu 21-Jul-11 19:07:55

The GP was calling to speak to you, not just to sort the appointment! smile

Often we will just try to catch patients to discuss changes to medication or to let them know about a test we are going to request, rather than write or call them in.

It is likely nothing too dramatic or you would have been asked to make a face-to-face appt.

knitterati Fri 22-Jul-11 09:35:29

ok - the Dr called before my appt this afternoon so I haven't had to spend the day -obsessing- wondering.

They did indeed want DH Sperm Analysis and a day 21 bloods from me. With my PCOS, I'm not even sure I've even ovulated by then, but that is another matter entirely, so I might start a new thread...

havealittlefaithbaby Fri 22-Jul-11 17:05:29

Ah that explains it! What are your cycles like? Day '21' bloods should be done 7 days before af rather than day 21 (easier said than done if your cycle is irregular like me!). But aiming for 7 days before af is best.

knitterati Sat 23-Jul-11 17:41:21

Hi havealittlefaith!

My cycles pre-pill (8yrs ago) were so regular that I'd worry if I was an hour later than my usual 29 day cycle! Came off the pill in September and my cycles went straight back into 29 days. Started ttc in Jan, then in May, had a 53day cycle and currently 43 days and counting!! I think my body knows something is up! I thought I ovulated 2 weeks ago due to EWCM but no AF as yet.

Think I'm going to have to start charting to figure out my 7day pre-period blood test date, but I've been trying to not get too obsessed/serious about TTC. Have even toyed with the idea getting the £500 boots fertility gadget blush

Biscuitsandtea Sat 23-Jul-11 18:29:16

Knitterati - I DID buy the £500 gadget from Boots - feel free to ask if you have any questions about it!! What is it you want to achieve from it? I'm not sure it really does what we had hoped but then I am not sure on reflection that I necessarily had realistic hopes for it. I was just so blooming desperate that I thought if it costs that much it must be worth it!

knitterati Tue 26-Jul-11 08:19:47

So I won't be needing to have day 21 bloods afterall!! I got my first ever BFP last night!! grin

Still getting used to it, but keep muttering and giggling to myself! smile

Good luck ladies and thanks for the MN replies and support smile

Biscuitsandtea Tue 26-Jul-11 09:02:20

Ah congratulations Knitterarti - good to hear. I got mine too grin. Good luck xx

knitterati Tue 26-Jul-11 18:04:48

Congrats to you too Biscuits!! The gadget worked afterall?

Biscuitsandtea Tue 26-Jul-11 18:12:11

Erm, not sure it was really anything to do with the gadget. In fact as it changed when it thought I had ovulated this month, we had almost stopped SWI (it was telling me one ov date for 6 days, then all of a sudden changed it's mind!). So quite possibly in spite of, rather than because of smile

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