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TTC after a MC.

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Kayzr Mon 18-Jul-11 20:42:40

We are going to start ttc in September. I had a MC in January but we weren't trying and I didn't know I was pregnant because I was on the pill. I have 2 boys from a previous marriage.

With them I didn't really think about MC, I knew there was a chance of them happening but I didn't worry. When I get pg this time round I'm going to be thinking about it a lot more than I did first time round.

I was just wondering how people cope with pregnancy after a MC? Do you start by taking it 1 day at a time then take it a week at a time once you are past 12 weeks and have had a scan? I'm just worried that I'll be worrying about another MC that I won't be able to enjoy being pregnant.


farfallarocks Tue 19-Jul-11 09:27:59

I know what you mean. Sadly I think it will be incredibly hard to be blase and relaxed about any pregnancty after a miscarriage.
Even my friends with a couple of kids have told me that with each preganncy they become MORE anxious as they know more about what can go wrong, how precious it all is.

Good luck. I am get pregnant again and I just going to take it one day at a time and try not to get excited and sign up for NCT at 5 weeks like I did last time !()

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